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Post Posted October 10th, 2017, 5:34 am

I sent arthuredelstein a private message with the username/password.

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Post Posted January 23rd, 2018, 4:55 pm

Can I get a username/password please? My immediate wish is to add to this page [] that hitting max file size on Windows 7 (4GB) can also cause repeated re-downloading of messages, since I just spent a couple of hours trying to figure that out for myself []. Would be nice to have the ability to contribute in the future.


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Post Posted January 25th, 2018, 11:20 am

I sent morrisjm a private message with the username/password.


Post Posted August 21st, 2018, 4:26 pm

With bug 254592 finally fixed in trunk, the caveat section of should be edited to read:

When accessibility.typeaheadfind is set to false, all Find As You Type functionality is disabled. When both accessibility.typeaheadfind and accessibility.typeaheadfind.manual are set to true, typing a ' or / will open the Find As You Type window and move the cursor focus there. If accessibility.typeaheadfind and accessibility.typeaheadfind.autostart are both true, typing anything other than a space will open the Find As You Type window. If accessibility.typeaheadfind.timeout is set to a value greater than zero, the Find As You Type window will disappear that many milliseconds after the last keypress.


Post Posted August 21st, 2018, 4:28 pm

Also, for the sanity of first-time posters, please either reword the spam-filter question to "How many distinct (different) letters are in the word Mozilla?", or correct the expected answer (the form accepts 6 but not 7).

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Post Posted August 22nd, 2018, 4:30 am

spillner wrote:Also, for the sanity

Your posts would carry more weight if you logged in. No one reads/bothers much about guest postings.
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Post Posted September 1st, 2018, 5:30 pm

I would like to edit, here are the changes:

For ... ertificate, the link for Comodo should be direct [1] instead of linking to InstantSSL only, or perhaps you could link to Comodo for the word "Comodo", and the same for InstantSSL. Also, you may want to point out that LE may support it soon, as there is an ACME proposal for email verification [2]. You may also wish to remove mention of Safari and Opera, as they are Chromium based, and key generation has been removed since version 49 [1]. You may also want to link to Heroku's article about self-signed certificates [3] next to the link to OpenSSL.

[1] ... ficate.php
[2] ... ail-smime/
[3] ... icate-self


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Post Posted September 15th, 2018, 12:12 am

I updated the KB article. I added a different link about self-signed certificates because the one from heroku didn't deal with Thunderbird.

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Post Posted October 9th, 2018, 1:15 pm
has false information, saying that there is not that value by default and default value is 20, while i see that entry in firefox 52.9.0 ESR 32bit and default value 400

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Post Posted Yesterday, 7:25 pm


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