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I notice that if you register, Firefox and other forks save the email as the login when you are asked to save the password automatically.

However it seems unlike a lot of boards I visit you cannot use your email to log in to the site, which although not many people do, could be useful here if somebody activates their account and wishes to log in without having to type the user name and duplicate their existing password record.

Maybe there is an extension to phpBB that allows this feature? I don't think this is all that necessary but some people do like to use their email to log in to sites because other places require you to do so.

Another thing: if you're not using a Gecko based browser, why don't we have a banner that mentions you're not using one, with links to Firefox and SeaMonkey?

The code could probably be similar to the following:
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<style> {
background: #FF9933;
border: 3px solid #663300;
font-family: Helvetica,Arial,sans-serif;
<div class="box">
<h3>You aren't using Firefox or SeaMonkey.</h3>
<p>Although this isn't a requirement, it would make sense to use it, as we focus on these projects and other Mozilla products.</p>
<a href="" alt="Firefox">Download Firefox</a> | <a href="<a href="" alt="SeaMonkey">SeaMonkey download</a>

Of course the sentence can be changed to be more 'professional' than this, although this is the gist of the idea...

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Post Posted January 21st, 2016, 8:39 pm

You aren't using Firefox or SeaMonkey.
Although this isn't a requirement, it would make sense to use it, as we focus on these projects and other Mozilla products

err, think that they be having trouble using Firefox or SeaMonkey? :)
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