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Heads Up -Logging out - it's Ghostery

PostPosted: February 23rd, 2016, 7:13 am
by Grumpus
If complaints start about getting logged out it's probably due to the recent Ghostery update.
Clearing History appears to do it and it's probably the new settings, what's allowed, what's kept, etc.
It's not the site.

Have emailed Ghostery

Seems to modify cookie settings, allows all third party included,
Resets JavaScript settings checks site preferences.
Best to check all preferences.

Trying to sort this I had to turn the browser on and off to make changes stick and clear all cache's.
The following settings in Ghostery seem to not affect things so far:
Tracker Library - both items checked
Tracker Options - both items unchecked.
Highlight Interactive Trackers - bothe items checked
Support Ghostery - unchecked
Messaging Options
. . .Show tracker bubble - checked
. . . Allow Ghostery to message your browser - unchecked