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I came here looking to learn how to change the default browser that Thunderbird opens. I'd changed the default for my OS (Linux Mint), but it didn't take for Thunderbird.

I found the article here: ... hunderbird, but ran into a problem. I figured it out easily enough, but there might be others who don't, and I wouldn't presume to edit the article.

Specifically, where the article says to choose Tools->Options, that doesn't exist on my system. Instead, I needed to go to Edit->Preferences. Just thought I'd mention it, maybe if someone wants to have a look at the article to verify whether that's different for different OS's or it's just something weird with my system.


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Tools > Options is the path used by Windows, which is still the OS with the most TBird installations.

Note that Tools > Options is highlighted as a link. If you click on that link it takes you to a page that explains the path differences between operating systems. Different paths exist due to each operating system having its own standard way of doing things to provide uniformity among its installed applications.
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In case you miss that link

The KB articles at shows article version based on OS your browser useragent is showing. There is no such option here so when Tool > Options is mentioned in a mozillaZIne KB article it doubles as a link to page to show the menu differences.

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