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Because my auto log in and every other extension was annihilated by FF I could not log in and had to create a new account with new email.

1) How do I get my old email account back for this forum?? I did not see a lost password option, only tedious catpha
2) The thread I posted just now forgot to check notify me of replies. Usually forums had a preference to make that permanent, where do I do that? I don't ever remember ever having to check the notify me box before. Can see in control panel a permanent notify me. thanks.
3) Why did FF annihilate all add on?


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Post Posted November 20th, 2017, 7:12 am

What was your old user name? We can deactivate the old account or the new one so you can choose which to use.

Old extensions were make obsolete because Firefox now uses a different format in place of the XUL upon which the legacy extensions were based. ... odernizing

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