need help with mozillazine connection--long

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Post Posted October 19th, 2018, 4:04 am

started 2 weeks ago. every other site (wife & I) browse or go to never fails. FF 62-Win7X64. mozillazine site is only one affected. 2 weeks ago became unreachable, nothing I did would alter it. After 4 days, just suddenly became normal. Now is the same way, 1 1/2 weeks later same thing, if this goes thru & you can read this. Might connect to main page and then stall, lock up. If, like last week, it does the same thing, it will just start acting normal. When I say this, I mean firefox connection to mozillazine, because, again, every other site is normal. Computer is normal. I have-when it does this, tried

1 run in safe mode-no go
2 disable all extensions manually-no go
3 created a new profile-run in safe mode--no go
4 changed the routers way it reaches moz., because I can tell sometime by tracert, it stall out in Oregon, yet I can reach the Everett Herald, 30 miles north of Seattle.
5 tried Seamonkey--no go
6 public library-6 mile away--no go
7 public library 30 miles away-no go

yet I know the forum is running, when it loads a page, & stalls out, I can see post dates have changed by some members names I recognize. Firefox (Mozillazine) site will start to load a page, and try to finish it, but just freeze. It's not FF, because at the 2 public libraries I was using Chrome on their system, to load the Mozillazine forum and mozillazine still froze up, or would not answer at all.

Sure I left something out. Any suggestions. Now see if this even post. & then if I get back in to read it.


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Post Posted October 19th, 2018, 6:05 am

I think this is a site issue. I've been having trouble, too. I'm moving this to Site Discussion, since I do not believe it is a Firefox issue.
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It is an issue with the site. I suspect a server problem at OSU.

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