S/MIME Certificate Provider Actalis Will Send Spam

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Hi Mozillazine crew

I suppose to take down the link to Actalis from the Knowledge Base article about free S/MIME certificates¹; using SpamCop to report spam, I found out that the provider Arubia uses any e-Mail address you use to get a certificate to send you loads of spam afterwards.

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dont you think that actalis should be the first person you should talk to to avoid spam and deny the certifikate?
there is nothing wrong with the service. and i did nt find any "arubia" provider, only "aruba".
last - do we know you? first post here, not that trustworthy to let us know to edit the KB.


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Post Posted June 4th, 2019, 12:28 pm

Thanks for that information but I don't want to remove an entry based on only one persons results, and what SpamCop claims. SpamCopy has lots of false positives.

Especially since Actalis seems to be the only remaining CA that offers a free S/MIME certificate good for one year. I need to update the KB article to mention most are limited to 30 days when the KB server is back up.

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