Add "Ignored Threads" to the article "Disappearing mail"

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Post Posted December 23rd, 2019, 2:02 pm

I experienced the problem of some missing messages earlier today, and read the

to try to solve it.

It didn't help though, because it suggests to make sure that the View > Threads is set to all, and although my disappearing problem was to do with Threads, it didn't make my messages appear! Because, unfortunately, the "All" setting doesn't cover the "Ignored Threads".

I was able to discover through some creative methods that the missing messages are all in a thread that has been set to "Ignore Thread". I definitely didn't mark it that on purpose, it must have been a slip of the mouse/keyboard.

The View > Threads > Ignored Threads is not enabled by default, so without being aware what had happened I had no way of knowing why some messages seem to be invisible!

That may be a UX issue that needs to be addressed (the "All" setting should really show them all, Ignored included, or the Menu options need to be reworked differently) but right now it would be great if this information could be included in the "Disappearing mail" article, under "Common problems", first list item.

Maybe split the first list item into three list items? Something like (does View > Messages still exist?):

  • Check to make sure that "View -> Messages" and "View -> Folders" are both set to "All". Sometimes a Unified view has problems.
  • Check to make sure that "View -> Threads" is set to "All".
  • Check to make sure that "View -> Threads -> Ignored Threads" is enabled for the folder where the message is supposed to show. Sometimes a message can be set to "Ignore Thread" by accident. The default setting is not to show those messages so if setting a message to be ignored was done by accident the message and its thread will appear missing for no apparent reason. Global search respects this setting and will not list Ignored Thread Messages in Search results. The Quick Filter Bar will include them in the results count, but it will not show them!
  • Set "View -> Sort by" to Unthreaded. Sometimes a conversation view hides messages.


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Post Posted December 23rd, 2019, 3:32 pm

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