The End

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The End

Post by kerz »

Well, the time has come unfortunately. I unfortunately no longer have time to keep the site running (as you may have noticed). I'll be moving the site into readonly mode, to prepare to archive it in the next little while, starting with the KB, then the Forums. It's been a pleasure serving you for the last 21 years, but all good things must come to an end. Special thanks to the moderators who have hung on for so long, and everyone else who continues to post and chat.

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Re: The End

Post by Brummelchen »

oh man, please dont. is there really no one willing to continue this server? selling it?
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Re: The End

Post by Bac_a_sable »

First: thank you for all years.
But, any alternative to shutdown?
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Re: The End

Post by James »

Oh wow .. Is it time or money or both?

hmm I guess the SUMO forums is going to get the traffic from here that is if people are willing to use a Firefox Account just to post on the SUMO site.

Edit: Tanstaafl butchered the original much longer The End thread in careless splits. I tried to restore the original thread from the multiple pieces he put it in but he kept making it worse in splitting off whole sections at a time over and over and ignored different measures taken to try and get him to stop but was too late. This short thread copy may seem out of place at times in sections due to the unnecessary chunks taken out. He should just stick to Thunderbird support since he admitted he did not know how to use the mod controls very well.
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Re: The End

Post by veryslow »

This sounds bad. Would be great to find some solution to at least keep the forums alive. Josa's daily build information is indispensable.
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Re: The End

Post by malliz »

James wrote:
hmm I guess the SUMO forums is going to get the traffic from here that is if people are willing to use a Firefox Account just to post on the SUMO site.
Count me out
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Re: The End

Post by bob c »

Thank You-I'm sad-I understand-Wish it wasn't so. Really been a good ride.
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Re: The End

Post by TheVisitor »

Sorry to hear this. Been fun/educational/ and a pleasure helping others along.

Guess I'll have to find a new hobby....
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Re: The End

Post by LIMPET235 »

Oh no!
Please Jason.
If there's any way to keep the fora alive, we'd all really appreciate it.

Serving on here gives me the opportunity to assist, as best I can, anyone with a problem
PLUS, it keeps my old brain cells functioning.

I try my best for around 6 or 7 hours every night & don't know what I would do without mozillaZine
to stay active.

Thank you Jason.
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Re: The End

Post by Frank Lion »

kerz wrote:Well, the time has come unfortunately. I unfortunately no longer have time to keep the site running (as you may have noticed).
Hi Jason,

As the site is already hosted by OSL then why not just swing over to their Managed Hosting? -
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Mozilla forums

Post by grahamperrin »

Thanks, and for people who may be unaware of this:
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Re: Mozilla forums

Post by WaltS48 »

grahamperrin wrote:Thanks, and for people who may be unaware of this:
Discourse is not a support site.

Official support is at

If you want unofficial, use the newsgroups, mailing lists or archive at Google Groups. Supported by volunteers just like mozillaZine. Firefox and Thunderbird groups are moderated.
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Re: The End

Post by makaiguy »

Well, the shoe has finally dropped ...

I certainly sympathize and understand, but still, what a blow. This has been a "home" to me for 17 years now, and in that time I've learned a lot and tried to pass it on by helping others as best I can. The official Moz support site just isn't the same. You will be missed, sorely.

Thanks for all the fish.

Doug Wilson
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Re: The End

Post by therube »

:( .

Thank you for all you have done for the mozilla community :-).
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Re: The End

Post by Lurtz »

So long and thanks for all the fish :( Josas changelogs will be sorely missed.