Possible to make Mozillazine login secure?

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Post Posted January 1st, 2021, 6:09 pm

It's been like this forever - no security certificate for login page. I don't use my UN / PW for here, on any other site, though some foolishly still do. However, kiddies could intercept anyone's PW, then impersonate them & cause lots of trouble or a ban for the real user.

We all know the web has gotten to where hackers often do malicious things for the fun? - some compromised sites or users UN & PW may have no monetary value on some sites. Little old grannies & grandpas may still not understand the risk in re-using PWs at other sites.

How much would a certificate cost per yr? What if the users with over 828 posts all chipped in - what would each have to pay. I'd guess very little.

Several other sites that I or others mentioned this to operators did eventually get valid certificates.


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Post Posted January 1st, 2021, 8:49 pm

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This has been discussed before. There are no financial transactions involved on the forums nor is any personal data used, other than an email address which doesn’t have to be the user's usual address. Finally, the forum administrator has been virtually incommunicado for months as they have a full time job elsewhere and it is doubtful that they would commit the time to address this.

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