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So yesterday, 6th November, I submit an article (The one on newsgroup filtering). Thinking it was necessary to include my e-mail address, I entered mozillazine"at" It's a valid e-mail address. Today, my inbox has filled with 5 offers from a "bank manager" in Nigeria who's found $21 million in unclaimed money in an unmarked nigerian account; 3 ways to make a fast buck; 2 "naked lolita" websites, and one advertising all-natural herbal supplements should I wish to increase my bust size. All addressed to said e-mail address.

My question to the Mozillazine staff: How about protecting the e-mail address? There are various ways of doing this (either by scrambling it to a non-machine-readable form, re-writing the address to use ASCII codes that will render in a browser, but won't be picked up by site scrapers). Either that or don't make it a required field.

Yes yes, I know in my case it wasn't necessary to fill in an e-mail address, but still...

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Don't post an email, or tell us you don't want it posted. That's about all you can do. The email field isn't required on the submit article page.


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