Why the switch?

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I've got nothing against phpBB; I like it a lot, in fact. I'm just curious as to why the site switched from Phorum. I'm working on setting up Phorum on my own site, and I'd like to know what difficulties others have encountered with it. So, as an honest question: what drove the decision to switch from Phorum to phpBB?

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Phorum is a bit too simple for me, I would have rather seen Invision Board as forum, it's much better than phpBB, imo, and also 100% free, with the only difference that it's no OpenSource project. but that does only mean that you cant remove the copyright and stuff ;)

michel v

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That phpBB is opensource doesn't mean you have the right to remove the copyright. Keeping the copyright info at the bottom of the page is in phpBB's terms of use...


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This IS an improvement over the previous forum software. As mentioned, Invision Board is really nice and ultra easy to set up. I would recommend it over Phorum..

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Everyone has their favorite forum software, phpBB is working well, and right now I don't see much reason to move to something else. As far as forum goes, it's featureset is highly limited, it's code is pretty messy, and it's very hard to customize then upgrade. The admin tools for it are extremely limited too. In order to allow you to still see the old one, but not post, we had to comment out the posting parts. After looking at all the forum software available, including UBB, Invision, phpBB, and of course Phorum, I'd pick any of those others over Phorum anyday. Our choice came down to what we could get up and running in the shortest amount of time and with the least hassle. We found phpBB, and went with it. (We had YaBB setup the day before we launched this, but Perl sucks, so we went with phpBB instead :).


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Good job on the new board, guys - it's a big improvement over the old one, IMHO.

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