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i post this here because I can't edit the wiki and don't really want to, but I want to share my experience with one bug :
On this page of the wiki, it is said that the automatic proxy configuration can be a cause of hangs and freeze. It si true for me, on WinXPSP2 and Firefox 2. But in the wiki you say there is not solution to this problem.
Well, I got one, that may not work for everyone since you have to get some informations from your network admin :
You need to fill in the manual proxy configuration instead of the automatic one. in this case, you need to get from your admin the proxy url (ip or dns) and the port.

Just fill in the http area, leave the others blank and don't check the box. For me, it worked juste fine.



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Thanks for the feedback. I copied the information you posted to
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That would work fine for simple proxy configurations. The PAC I have at work lists about 100 different servers that can solely be accessed internally. If I set my proxy manually, I would either not be able to access these internal servers or not be able to access the internet.

It's good that you got it working, but I don't think it's a suitable solution to ask people to not use a PAC.

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