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I wonder if it would make sense to have a forum that is for discussion about comparison, advantages, promotion, evolution of Gecko-based browsers as a whole. Personally I like the fact that the Mozilla codebase makes it relatively easy to cook up your own browser, but it would be interesting to discuss what impact this has on the browser marked and how end users perceive this sudden appearance of a whole new crop of browsers.

One possible advantage which I have not seen mentioned enough is the possibility for corporate users to either adapt the browser/mailer for their specific use themselves or let a software company to this for them. Unfortunately, the marketing of Mozilla/NS has never been very interested in corporate users and still seems to basically neglect that user base. So what browser and email program is IBM using internally? IE/Outlook? What about Daimler Chrysler, NASA, the government of Texas? These installations are where you can really get a big user base, not your Mom's home PC.

Personally I think it is time for a "browser construction toolkit": build your own browser that has *exactly* the features and UI as you want it. Something like the "pinball game construction set" on good ald C64 if you know what I mean ... :)

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Netscape already has something similar - ... rs/bdp.jsp

You can customize and create your own netscape browser distro, removeing stuff you don't want.
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