Camino 2.1 and quadplex Java scrabble

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Hi, I work on a Mac OSX 10.4 and just downloaded the updated 2.1 Camino. I love to play scrabble on quadplex. Since updating the browser, the game will not open, I reinstalled and updated Java version, it still wont work. The game worked fine, java and all when i had Camino 2.09 as a browser. Any idea ? Thanks. Nukvah


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The recent Java update for Snow Leopard has stopped the Java plugin from working in Camino. See bug 701968 about it.
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nukvah is appears to be on 10.4, though, so he or she just needs to install the Java Embedding Plugin (JEP), as Camino 2.1 no longer includes a Java plug-in internally ;-)
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thank, glad to know why it is not working, but still have no clue how to fix it other than to change browser, yet again. if you can tell me how to fix it - simply - i would appreciate it. thanks again.


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The JEP can be downloaded from

You'll need to make sure you're running Mac OS X 10.4.11 or later, so if you haven't updated to 10.4.11 yet, you should.


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For a detailed explanation of the install steps, see this document on the Camino Wiki: Camino 2.1.x and Java.

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