I simply need to understand this...

Talk about the native Mac OS X browser.

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Camino works! It's unbelievable.

For the last three months I've been trying to use with my company file system for uploading images: thay use ajaxexplorer.

Camino, along with IE 6.0, are the only browsers on the universe that are able to upload images to ajax explorer. Even on linux it can't be done.

But I need to understand why?
My coworkers are all asking me to upload their images now because Camino's "engine" is much faster than IE 6 for uploads.

Can anyone explain this? And if there is an explanation how it can be done on windows or linux machines?

Thank you very much!
Gustav from Brazil.


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Will your company pay for this? :-k
Perhaps this is a way to insure Camino's survival.... :roll:
Camino Lives!
Yes Indeed!

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