Camimo 2.1 and PPC iMac G5 1st Gen.

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Post Posted December 18th, 2011, 11:19 am

Hi All, I hope this comment will help all you PPC Mac users as it seems to have helped me. When Camino comes out with a new version I usually upgrade right away
and everything works fine, however the new upgrade of Camino 2.1 has for me been a sad event :cry: . Getting web pages to upload have been snail slow to say the least
and very frustrating. Put up with this on nearly every site I went to on line and it was not my internet provider. Finally I decided to return to Camino 2.09 and WOW
log on is back to it's amazing fast speed and so far every other site I go to comes up very fast. Now before all you Intel Mac users say, "Hay bro it's time to upgrade
to the latest and greatest from Apple". Yes I know and that would be great if I had the money and my old iMac G5 stopped doing it's job any more. However I don't
and it does, well at least the things I do anyways. So if your old PPC Mac has slowed since upgrading to Camino 2.1 maybe it's time to downgrade back to 2.09.
Just my 2 cents worth. Merry Christmas :D

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Post Posted December 18th, 2011, 1:11 pm

The problem you've described has been discussed already in this topic. It has nothing to do with PPC Macs and everything to do with the router/modem you're using to connect to the internet.

Instead of downgrading to 2.0.9, you need to check to see if any firmware upgrades are available for your router. If there aren't, or if that doesn't help, you need to download the latest nightly of what will become 2.1.1 and set the "network.dns.disablePrefetch" hidden preference to "true". When you open a new tab or window, pages should load at normal speed again.
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