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Post Posted December 16th, 2011, 2:51 pm

puddock12: I'm going to split your posts into their own thread after you've posted again to this thread (so I'll know you've seen this message), because they don't really fit with the rest of the posts in this topic. You're definitely experiencing a bug, but it's still not clear what's causing it. :-(

puddock12 wrote:What does the download warning have to do with the location bar not working

Based on your previous posting of the console information, the download warning is happening at the same time as a couple of nasty OS assertions/exceptions. The download warning's error code is general failure code that's not at all expected, so it's an indication that something serious is happening.

puddock12 wrote:How would I know what I am doing when the the download warning is showing in console

Do you have enough room on your Mac's screen to show the Console window and your Camino window at the same time?

Try to arrange the windows so that you can see the left side of the Console window at all times (you can even enter "Camino" in the "Filter" field so that you'll only see messages related to Camino). Then launch Camino and keep the Console window in the corner of your eye as you're doing things. Note what you're doing when each of the error messages appear…

Please do try creating a new Mac OS X user account as phiw13 suggested; that will rule out any problems with your own user account (but not if the OS is somehow corrupted). The exceptions and assertions that follow the download error are pretty serious-sounding OS errors…
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