safety issue with sfr ?

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Hello Camino developpers,
I am a user of Camino (2.1.2) and I often connect to the sfr page to read one of my mailboxes :
Now sfr displays the following message when I am on camino :
"La version de votre navigateur est obsolète.
Elle ne vous permet plus une navigation optimisée et sécurisée."
"The version of your navigator is obsolete.
It no longer provides you with an optimized and safe navigation."
And they propose me to load another navigator: explorer, firefox, chrome.
And by the way the message does not occur when I log on from mozilla.
What Camino people think of such a message? Is there really a safety issue?
Is Camino going to be incompatible with some sites? I did read some similar
messages concerning gmail, but I could not come to a definite conclusion...
Thanks in advance for any insight.
All the best
F. Thomasset


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Post Posted October 9th, 2012, 3:48 pm

Basically Camino is based on an older version of Gecko (the rendering engine that powers Firefox, SeaMonkey, etc.) and it's possible that it will never be updated any further. Not without a huge developer effort, anyway. In time more sites will become incompatible. Check out the "Long term future of Camino" thread for more info: viewtopic.php?f=12&t=2148395

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