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Eyes-Only has posted a link where you should be able to get an install.rdf

Don't know if it still works. You may also try to find a theme that already has a install.rdf (like Noia).

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excellent! I've been using the theme development article in the KnowledgeBase, think I might use yours instead...


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cedsav wrote: <li> Rezip your theme and revert the extention to .jar. </li></ol>

All was going well until I got to this bit. How do I rezip the theme?


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I used the classic.jar files to make my I can't seem to install it to my computer as anything but the default theme! I realllly don't want to redo it...SOS

How do I change the theme so that firefox doesn't recognize it as the default theme, but as my theme?
I'm working on a theme for Firefox, but I've come across a few small issues...S.O.S. I've spent so much time on it...I can't give up now, help please!


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Let the themeing begin!!


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Post Posted October 30th, 2005, 4:25 pm

Hey, i have my theme installed, but it's not listed in the extentions directory, only the default theme is, and there's nothing in it either.

Any clue where my theme might be, or why it's not in the directory you mentioned?

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oh, and "EvanJoe", i think you need to edit the contents.rdf and install.rdf to reflect your theme's name and uuid.
i'm brand new myself, so i could be wrong, but i had to do the same thing to get mine working correctly.

if you don't want to have to re-write your .rdf's again, someone else posted this link earlier in this topic, and it will write your rdf's for you, i used it, it's a lot faster:
<a href=""></a>


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I don't want to sound like I'm tooting my own horn, but I wrote a chapter in the book Hacking Firefox that deals with theme creation. That should be a great starting point for you. See the link in my signature.

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1. I can't get into c:\document and settings\ \user\application etc because it doesnt exist win xp ver2, Firefox version 1.0.6

2. So I went into programs/firefox I went in a folder called chrome and found classic.jar.

3. I made a new folder on my desktop called mytheme and unzipped the classic jar = folders skin/classic/browser-global-mozaps-communicator and iconpng preview.png

4. Then did my contents.rdf and install.rdf using online setup

5. Then zipped the mytheme folder, and then renamed it to mytheme.jar

6. Opened firefox-tools-themes then dragged the mytheme.jar on the theme control box and it started to load but then disappeared.


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i had that saaaaaamme problem, and no-one could tell me why either. i've found that SOME themes that you get from the net, or wherever, are fine for editing and installing, but for some reason MOST of them will not even install for me if i try to install them myself, Even when i don't change a thing.
I've found that the best theme for starting out with, and editing, and installing (for me anyway) was the silver theme. good luck.

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thanks, cedsav, for this thread. without it i could never have started work on my first theme! :)
:) :| :(

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