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Post Posted February 27th, 2015, 1:28 am

Same as above, but for Firefox 38:

Bug 547623 - about:support should have a button to enter safemode
Bug 649142 - support logical box properties (-start/-end) without hidden longhand properties
Bug 665324 - Page Info - Security Tab - Text Alignment is off
Bug 731318 - Display response size before and after content decoding
Bug 795981 - Add a reader mode button to the location bar
Bug 821724 - Implement the menuitem of "open in a private window" in Places context menu.
Bug 1013714 - Preferences data choices panel: weird focus ring on 'learn more' link
Bug 1017967 - In Applications Pane, Visual feed back should be provided when tree view is focused
Bug 1019186 - DevTools - Get new throbbers for devtools UI
Bug 1022581 - Category icons in about:preferences aren't legible when using black-on-white High Contrast mode
Bug 1022600 - Icon for utilities button in about:addons isn't legible in High Contrast mode
Bug 1022797 - Change FFOS device settings from WebIDE
Bug 1036434 - In-content preferences doesn't show the complete scrollbar
Bug 1038291 - Investigate the new InContent General pane layout
Bug 1047977 - Notification bar: close icon should be inverted on black notification bars
Bug 1055217 - Add front end for disabling/bypassing audio nodes
Bug 1075055 - Make it impossible to turn on telemetry unless FHR is also turned on.
Bug 1076735 - Improve display of super DevTools mode request
Bug 1077461 - Build call tree for memory allocations view
Bug 1079098 - PanelUI subviews have no hover feedback on high contrast themes
Bug 1087618 - Implement the new style for about:welcomeback, sessionrestore, and e10s crash pages
Bug 1091001 - Convert tabToolbarNavbarOverlap to a CSS variable
Bug 1093820 - DevEdition doesn't draw tabs in the titlebar on Windows
Bug 1097595 - DevEdition theme: selected tab colors are not right
Bug 1101569 - Add an "all items" menu to the sidebar in cases of overflow
Bug 1102038 - the "Change Search Settings" button and the open search items cannot be used via the keyboard
Bug 1105704 - Fix UI issues with SSL error reporting
Bug 1108302 - Menulists in the in-content preferences have too much padding at the start of their contents
Bug 1108761 - Add class to let menulist > menupopup stylings apply to other popups
Bug 1108928 - Add front end for displaying automation data for web audio
Bug 1111004 - Handle multiple recordings in the new performance tool
Bug 1111027 - UITour: implement heartbeat UI as a UITour function
Bug 1111147 - [EME] Implement context-menu changes for DRM content
Bug 1111148 - [EME] Add doorhanger to notify the user when DRM content is being played
Bug 1111153 - [EME] Show a notification bar when EME content cannot be played
Bug 1111868 - open search items and settings button missing borders at the bottom of the search suggestions panel on Linux
Bug 1112304 - Flesh out about:tabcrashed to use all strings that final about:tabcrashed spec will use.
Bug 1113639 - Search engines table header in preferences is highlighted
Bug 1115374 - DevEdition theme - Inconsistent borders on toolbars
Bug 1115924 - InContent prefs - Eliminate double borders from buttons and links in high contrast mode
Bug 1116428 - Add security warnings to the Network Monitor
Bug 1117258 - Implement CSS styling for desktop about:reader content
Bug 1118497 - Rename "parameters" tab to "properties" in web audio editor
Bug 1119233 - Move inline event handlers and styles from search.xul into other files
Bug 1119472 - In-content Preferences, Text color of some text-link is not consistent. And it is difficult to discover them because no underline and low contrast.
Bug 1119503 - We should inject a new line when we encouter a block boundary when copying pre-formated text
Bug 1120071 - Replace custom drop shadow with feDropShadow
Bug 1120189 - [in-content preferences] application pane: content type list has no longer a fixed height
Bug 1120699 - New Performance tool should toggle between empty/recording/content views
Bug 1120716 - Offer a "learn more" link somewhere in the migration UI
Bug 1120735 - Implement desktop reader mode controls
Bug 1121048 - Minor tweaks to new perf tool icons
Bug 1121444 - In-content preferences: the subcategories name is not aligned with the other elements of the page
Bug 1121723 - DevEdition theme: tab bar jittering when in customize mode that is not the last tab
Bug 1122113 - Devtools Theme: Make toolbar tabs more narrow by default
Bug 1122437 - Polish the player widget in the animation inspector panel
Bug 1122726 - Convert tabCurveWidth and tabCurveHalfWidth into CSS variables
Bug 1122942 - Can't drag or move Firefox window when a third-party theme is installed
Bug 1123128 - permissions.xul/translation.xul/contentAreaDownloadsView.css: "no useful preprocessor directives found"
Bug 1123517 - [ReadingList] Implement basic sidebar that lists unread ReadingList items
Bug 1123620 - remove the one-time intro popup for the new searchbox UI
Bug 1123637 - Remove all code relevant to quota prompts
Bug 1123784 - Switching between runtime apps and closing toolboxes is slow
Bug 1123952 - Can't copy text in Network: Security tab
Bug 1124011 - Enable the reader mode toolbar button on Nightly
Bug 1124246 - Visually differentiate XHR network logs in the webconsole
Bug 1124501 - Display build errors
Bug 1125636 - Update about:config to use the new Project Chameleon style
Bug 1125677 - "find on page" tab has hard-to-read text in dev edition theme
Bug 1126189 - In-content preferences: Alignment issues on Search tab
Bug 1126196 - In-content preferences: Alignment issues on Advanced tab
Bug 1126250 - Show one-off buttons when clicking the magnifying glass
Bug 1126278 - In-content preferences category list should lose the padding-top on low window heights
Bug 1126965 - WiFi auth client dialog for WebIDE
Bug 1127288 - Have headers in in-content prefs for both the DRM checkbox and the popup controls under Preferences -> Content
Bug 1127351 - DevEdition dark theme find bar is not styled correctly
Bug 1127487 - FrameNode.prototype.getInfo should be able to parse columns in locations
Bug 1127621 - Checkboxes not visible on about:welcomeback
Bug 1128237 - In-content preferences SubDialog is cut off on WXGA(1366x768) monitor
Bug 1128719 - OSX DevEdition Theme: Pinned tab with overflowing tabs covers up the nav-bar box shadow
Bug 1128724 - "Print" reader mode theme name is confusing
Bug 1128913 - Tabcrash icon resize when changing Firefox width
Bug 1129454 - Add a play/pause all animation button to the animations panel
Bug 1129539 - stopwatch icon in landing/recording panes in perf++ tool has padding issue in OSX
Bug 1130007 - in-content preferences: regression: misaligned homepage placeholder
Bug 1130740 - Fog behind textbox text selection in the incontent prefs textboxes
Bug 1131458 - ReaderMode button in the URLbar isn't accessible
Bug 1132307 - Use <button> elements instead of <a> elements in reader mode toolbar
Bug 1132463 - Samples column doesn't have enough space for the label
Bug 1133060 - Clean up tabbrowser/crashed.svg
Bug 1133246 - Buttons aren't aligned properly with content on about pages using info-pages.css
Bug 1134417 - Don't preprocess browser/themes/windows/content-contextmenu.svg on Windows Aero

These bugs on Bugzilla, as a list: Bug List
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Post Posted May 17th, 2015, 8:50 am

Releasing as a sticky at least for the time being.
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