OSX lion scrollbars may require CSS change to themes (Fx24+)

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Recently, while working on lion style (overlay) scrollbars for Mac OSX (, we became aware of an issue that may affect themes. The issue is tracked in

When users connect/disconnect an external mouse from MacBooks, the system preference for scrollbars can change from permanently visible to disappearing scrollbars, and vice-versa. The CSS for scrollbars was modified in Firefox to handle this situation and may need to be propagated to themes. Without this change, scrollbars may no longer display correctly on web pages when an external mouse is connected/disconnected from the system until the individual pages are refreshed.

The changed CSS of interest is in nativescrollbars.css between the following lines:

For comparison, here is the file before the necessary changes:

The overlay scrollbars are scheduled to be released in Fx24.

If there is any other info that you think might be helpful to update your themes and become compatible with lion style scrollbars on OSX, please let me know. Thanks!



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thanks spohl


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Thanks spohl, it was nice of you to post.
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Thanks for posting the changes!

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