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So, I'm coming back to firefox after about a year and a half using Safari, and Australis was quite a shock. After a lot of messing I got the browser back to 99% of where I wanted, except for the back and foward buttons. I hate the default arrows and would like the browser to look as native as possible.


Above is how it looks now, bellow is how I want it to look. I believe (and I know I may be wrong here) that I should be able to accomplish this with only userChrome.css edits, but I have little to no experience with firefox specific CSS. After a day trying to find something, reverse engineer noia buttons and searching for skin making tutorials I'm kind of frustrated.

So, assuming this is possible with UserChrome.CSS, where should I put the images and what should I put in the css? And if it's not, where can I find an updated tutorial in how to make a skin just so I can make this edit? The most recent ones I found mention the classic skin being divided ion two folders inside omini.ja, but my omni.ja doesn't have a "browse'r' folder inside "chrome", and I couldn't even find the file in which those arrows are.

I'm using Firefox 33.1.1, OS X 10.10.1 and the only extension I have which messes with the theme is Classic Theme Restorer - as most of you must have noticed.

Any help is very much apprecuiated. Thanks in advance.


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Why would you need images? You could probably use :after and a text arrow to get that look: "<"
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BohemiaDrinker wrote:So, assuming this is possible with UserChrome.CSS

If you use Stylish, it doesn't require a restart (which userChrome.css did, the last time I used it) which could save you some time.

Also, about omni.ja, if you didn't find the browser directory under chrome, then you probably need to know that there are now two different omni.ja files in Firefox. There's one in the install directory, and another in the browser directory under that. The arrow icons and CSS will be in that one.
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The Classic Toolbar Buttons extension might be overkill but why not give it a try?



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