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I've seen a few FireFox themes on the addons site that I would like to get updated, but with most there's no hope of the developer doing it since they've been dead so long. So I'd like to fix the missing parts. BUT the current way to make themes is very nerdy and time-consuming. Is there some graphical program yet that can simplify the process, or are there plans to make one?


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If it was easy, there would be no dead themes. In fact, Mozilla could make it dramatically easier to build themes, put it's not a priority and in fact it seems they would rather people not use themes at all.
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Thanks mighty, but I know how to get themes. I just want to be able to restore some defunct ones and make my own. And thanks for that insightful answer malliz.


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It isn't easy to fix a theme depending on whats wrong with it or for which versions of Firefox the theme was coded for.The theme I am trying to fix\upgrade maintain was lucky enough to have a version that is compatible without noticeable ui errors from v4.0 to v25 as the pre-v4.0 version of the theme is messed up which includes the ui and is unusable as a result.However I have been trying to get hold of the original author so I can get a few images fixed or tips on how to create my own tab images so the theme can be "finished" and if I can get permission to release it so other people can use if for newer versions of Firefox..

I have some limited coding ability with some games plus I have some limited web programming so I understand the coding a bit and by that able to fix some of the problems as the theme was missing key files which were for the web developer console and it fixed that part of the theme.It also involves trial and error most of the time to get a fix\change to work.It would be easy having an app like that but unfortunately it doesn't exist.

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