Struggling to specify default font weights

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Post Posted April 29th, 2016, 6:32 pm

After no luck in the Support forum, I'm hoping maybe someone familiar with themes can perhaps shed some light on my font-related issues:

・Client necessity dictates that some systems I'm setting up are to use only designated Serif and Sans-serif fonts for their default page display
・These font families are OTF formatted and—the key issue here—each have 8 to 12 variants to accommodate various font weights under their family
・Within the main Firefox options, only an overarching font family is available to select (not any of the specific variants contained by that family)
・Selecting the desired font in the Advanced Default Font options results in Firefox displaying the correct font family, but it is automatically choosing an unreadable Demi-Bold variant that is not appropriate for screen display
・There appears to be no option in the main preferences window, nor fine-grained entries in about:config, to designate a specific font weight or variant within a chosen font family

I've taken a close look at all the typical key entries (*, etc.) and tried all manner of variations to manually request the desired font and weight, as well as various userContent CSS tweaks, but either this functionality is not being exposed on the user level or I'm just not thinking of the correct way to go about doing it. Just to give an example, although the "Arial" font has multiple individual files (e.g., Arial Black, Arial Regular) there appears to be no way to actually get Firefox to recognize these individual choices. The problem is that in the case of my font choice, it's defaulting to an entirely undesired option rather than an appropriate regular weight.

If someone could suggest a way to specify a specific font (by file name) or specific font weight, I would really appreciate it. Thanks!


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Post Posted April 30th, 2016, 6:29 am

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