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For anyone interested here's some early steps of GNOMErunner, a suiterunner theme using the GTK+ stock items and icons from the gnome iconset, resulting in a more consistent desktop integration on Unix.

Just like the Firefox 3 default skin, changing the GTK theme and/or iconset on your system should (to some extend) now be honoured by Seamonkey and will change e.g. for/backward, search, trash button icons accordingly. For icons not being mapped by the system, this theme includes the icons from the default gnome iconset. So it should blend with any iconset using the tango palette.

Known to work on xfce and gnome and kde3 with qtcurve.


Changelog for:
0.0.8 - sideshow bar
o changed sidebar header to menubar style
o changed sidebar items to tabs
o some margin and padding tweaks

License: Theme-CSS: GNU GPL, LGPL, MPL. Icons: GPL
Credits: Niko Kaiser, Jakub Steiner, Garrett LeSage, Tuomas Kuosmanen, Mark Bokil, Seamonkey team.
Compatibility: unix or rather a gtk build of suiterunner (aka Seamonkey 2.0a1), a matching iconset
Projectpage: ... tent=89590
Download: --> gnomerunner.xpi


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You don't have permission to access /gnomerunner.xpi on this server.
Apache Server at Port 80

Where i can get this theme?

I love it for Seamonkey.

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