Firefox Extension: Update Bookmark 0.0.4 [2005-05-15]

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I see you give the option to add the context menu item "Clipboard > URL",
But I would really like an other option TOO which allows to copy the URL of the selected bookmark to the clipboard: "URL > Clipboard"
And maybe also a "Title > Clipboard"

If you leave it as an option, anybody can chose to have it or not if they don't like it...



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Post Posted June 16th, 2005, 2:13 am

^^ please?


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A "<b>REAL</b>" Bookmark Updater would actually allow the user to select a bookmark in your Bookmark Manager view. Also, after the user checked their Bookmarks with something like Bookmarks LinkChecker and found that some had changed, it would allow them to tell it to go <b>GET</b> an updated link and put it in place of the existing link.

Having to actually go find the links yourself and then do all the work <b>FOR</b> the addon defeats the <b>PURPOSE</b> of having an addon, which is to get IT to do the work <b><i>FOR</i></b> you. :P

I don't expect an author to go from what you have to a full-blown addon which scans all of a person's bookmarks to see if <b><i>ANY</i></b> of them need updates, then updates them <b><i>ALL</i></b>, but it <b>WOULD</b> be nice if you would add the function to go and <b><i>GET</i></b> an update when a person selects a single bookmark.

I hope that you will seriously consider adding this functionality to your addon in the near future.

Thanks for the work you have done and keep up the good work. Please forgive me if I sound overly critical, but I am trying to be <u>constructively</u> critical and help both you <i>and</i> me so that everyone wins in the end.


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It would be great if this also worked in reverse (i.e. to copy a bookmark's URL to the clipboard).

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Right now my contex menu size is increased by 5 items - it's unforgivable ;)
Please (optionally) put all options in one submenu.
(just in case - sorry for my english)


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Hope U can make it Firefox 3.0 compatible!
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I upgraded to Firefox 3 and get this message when I try and install Update Bookmark:
Can this be fixed?
Laura S

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I would love it if you could add one function to this, which would be the ability to right click on a page and have the current bookmarks be searched for a similar url to that of the page I right clicked on then to update said bookmark. This would decrease the hassle of having to open the bookmarks menu option. Maybe even a hotkey would make this even quicker.

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(rattle, rattle) Anybody home here? Anyways, FWIW, I've got a note out to the author about FF 3.6 compatibility, and hopefully we get an update. A workaround can be found over here:


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This addon needs an update for Fx 4. I guess Bug 528884?

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