Privacy for bookmarks [Add-on update needed]

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The author of an add-on hasn't been able to find a way to password protect firefox's bookmark folders in years,
sites & folder's site's can be encrypted & password protected .. . But i can't hide nor rename 50 sites
in a folder to make sure the availability of site's names can't be visualized by anybody around me, & the only way
to hide those pass protected sites is to add a general password for the bookmark folder that contains those
sites/bookmarks ...

here's the add-on: ... -password/

A person would only need the name of the bookmark to go to that page & access my accounts for many sites
i don't want to log off from & have a direct access, that person would just have to type the name of the site
on the urlbar & enter my page. if i granted access to family to the pc. or if anybody dared looking once
i went out.

That would be amazing if someone could create a mod version of that add-on.

Ps: i can regularly delete my history, it doesn't delete my cookies, logins or gets rid of those "direct access" bookmarks..

It would be a good plus in terms of privacy.


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Post Posted November 10th, 2014, 5:12 am

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