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I've got two computers sharing one high-speed line. The other computer is always and I mean ALWAYS running World of Warcraft. That game seems to be a huge bandwith hog and it leaves me unable to do really anything on the Internet. I was wondering if there was an extension out their that would allow me to restrict the speed that Mozilla Firefox downloads pages. This would prevent me from getting reamed out because the person on the other computer is trying to run through Ironforge but me loading TSN or Newgrounds slows them down.

Any possibility that there is an extension out there? Or even just a stand-alone program that would restrict my Internet speed?

Thanks in advance for any replies. =)

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Not a real answer to your question, but I think there's something wrong with your WoW. Mine connects at 10kbps and I have a latency of like 150. I don't even notice a slowdown on my other computer.

Next to that, NetLimiter isn't an extension, but it allows a per-program-limitation.

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Heh, the ping goes as low as 46 in Ironforge plus Teamspeak is running so I get shafted from the internet on a nightly basis. Thanks for the suggestion for Netlimiter, I appreciate it.

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