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I wonder if there is any way to extend Thunderbird with my own lua scripts?

My desire:

1) load lua with thunderbird
2) let thunderbird do certain tasks
3) maybe add features to thunderbird as for example: open link (in email) in incognito mode instead of standard mode

meaning: is there some way to start the lua interpreter, or are there examples, or tutorials?


how can I write a plugin/extension in Lua and add it to Thunderbird.

Is there any good Thunderbird "plugins for dummies" out there? After a lot of researching i didnt find some thing yet, that wouldnt force me into extensive studying ( I do php programming, and recently started with Lua that seems to be a perfect combo for Thunderbird, as the VLC is able to implement lua script, right?)

thanx so much!

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This has over 30 views here without a reply. I am going to move it to Extension Dev to see if you have better luck.
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Post Posted April 16th, 2015, 9:47 am

You can take the C source code for the Lua interpreter and use Emscripten to compile it to JavaScript.
Ship your extension with weblua.js and then write Lua scripts to interact with Thunderbird.


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