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Post Posted December 17th, 2015, 12:07 pm

Many excellent extensions need help or someone to adopt them.

Many developers (new and old alike) are looking for projects.

This thread is a place to help developers find these extensions.

Here are extensions that need (or may need) help:

  • Quick Search Bar - Perhaps the best search-related extension ever created. Worked perfectly until Firefox 43. Developer, Peterfaj, writes: "The add-on doesn't work with Firefox 43.0 (and probably newer) and I have no plans to alter my add-on yet again to keep it working. If someone wants to take it off my hands, they're welcome." Removed from AMO on 2015/12/17. Not to be confused with "QuickSearchBar" extension (no spaces between words), which is an entirely different extension.
  • Drag & DropZones - Great drag-n-drop extension. Original developer (Captain Caveman) is no longer working on the project. Andy Portmen has been helpful keeping it updated, but has not had the time to get it working for the latest Firefox versions.
  • Speedy Readie - Fabulous speed reading extension. Works in Firefox 43, but there are some errors in the Browser Console. Also, it occasionally will open on it's own for certain web pages. Last update over a year ago.
  • QuickJava - Great extension to toggle different browser functions. Works in Firefox 43, but there are some errors in the Browser Console. Developer seems very interested in keeping it updated, but perhaps he could use some help. Last update over a year ago.
  • ImageHost Grabber - Extension to download images directly from hosting services. According to this thread, the extension needs help. Last update on AMO over 4 years ago, but a non-AMO site reportedly has a newer version.

Other users are welcome to post more extensions.
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Post Posted December 17th, 2015, 12:29 pm

This was a great extension until this latest release (or so) ... it not only auto backed up your bookmarks/history but had a number of almost real-time abilities to also backup other important profile files pretty much on the fly... sorry to see it go. The author left a message on the second link.

Bookmark Backup - Pike's Mozilla Firefox Add-ons

Pike's Mozilla Firefox Add-ons
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Post Posted December 21st, 2015, 3:51 pm

There is one extension that I used that has not been updated in years called AutoPagerize. I recently uploaded a customized version called AutoPagerizeTweaked that I have been using for a while, and I want to see if anyone could solve some issues with it.

Mozillazine Topic: viewtopic.php?f=19&t=2960159
Mozilla Community Topic: ... addon/5751

Among the things I'd like to see in the extension as described in one of the topics:

"I'd like to have an option in the preferences window the toggles the page break on and off. Currently, all of the lines of code in data/autopagerize.user.js that involve displaying it are commented, (found within lines 374-390). It would be nice for users to have a choice.

There is also an issue of javascript elements not being able to load. Example:"

And then there are some sites which just don't load.

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Post Posted December 22nd, 2015, 8:03 pm

please be aware that adopting an outdated extension for the old searchbar api may result in a complete rewrite of code. the old api is gone 4ever. introducing "webextension" it might the better way to saddle the horse for this sdk.

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Post Posted May 22nd, 2017, 3:02 am

We need to find detailed information on the API's of webex v. XUL/XPCOM, and have reviewed many articles like: ... extensions

And things like:

There are vastly more APIs available to XUL/XPCOM extensions than are available to WebExtensions, and for many XUL/XPCOM APIs, there isn't a WebExtensions substitute. The table below lists every API in the popular Services.jsm module, describe what the equivalent WebExtensions API would be, if there is one.

These things concern us, digging deeper, we keep running into things like this, that the API's to do things we do now, don't, and likely won't exist, ever.

So is there some sort of automated program which can take source, and go, nope, this call won't work , nope that won't work, no, that one either, etc.?


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