Direct code testing in worked browser (Scratchpad++)

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Is it possible to test some javascript code parts directly in a launched browser, as if the JS code launched by extension? Like Scratchpad, but with rights of an extension, to skip multiple restarts/edits etc. of firefox?

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What aspect of this is not covered by setting about:config > to true and using an actual chrome-context Scratchpad?

It's also theoretically possible to remote-debug the browser and enter the context of a running bootstrapped extension, however I've never made that to work.

EDIT oops, missed your UA string. I believe Firefox 15 might not have these features, in which case you'd have to write an extension - I would suggest try starting with as a base and edit it to suit your personal needs.
IIRC the stuff I mentioned above requires Firefox 24+ (it might have been included as early as Firefox 18 but in experimental status / behind a pref)
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This is how to use scratchpad -

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