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Post Posted September 22nd, 2016, 3:18 pm

I can make sidebar using Add-on sdk, but what I'd love to see, would be a native sidebar with WebExtension APIs.
So I can convert my extension from Opera (tree tabs in a sidebar) to firefox, instead of rewriting it in sdk. Or maybe there is a way to display a WebExtension's popup inside a sidebar?
I can bookmark url to my extension and check the checkbox "Load this bookmark in the sidebar", but I have no idea how to accomplish that in javascript.

Is that even possible? If not, will? if will, when?

Other one would be hiding tabs from the title bar using some trick without relying on sdk... But I'm not sure if that will be possible... :?

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There is a bugzilla entry for support of sidebar in WebExtensions: I hope it gets implemented.

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Awesome! Good to know they are working on it :)

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I suspect this will stay thoroughly kicked into the long grass. Google hasn't quite decided on supporting sidebars in their API. Or rather it has decided that it won't, but who knows in the future. Opera has an API, but my guess would be Mozilla won't go that way and won't invent their own, which means sidebars won't get supported - at least not until a lot of existing Chrome APIs have been added.

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