Creating subfolder result in corrupted name

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I've created set of scripts to speed up my daily work. One of them is creating separate folders for each important thread. With help of s3menuwizard plugin I attached those scripts to specific menu entries.

However, when I activate this script in home (the same account) folder is created properly. When I activate this script in work result is corrupted name/path.

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Application.console.log("Creating subfolder '" +newFolderName+"' in folder '"+parentFolder.URI+"'");
parentFolder.createSubfolder(newFolderName, msgWindow);

In error console I see

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Testing if URI 'imap://' exist   
Creating subfolder 'NA05962503' in folder 'imap://'".

And in main folder I see Folder1^^Folder2^^Folder3^NA05962503

I'm sure that parent folder is gathered correctly (as you see its URI). I don't think that problem is with OS language or file encoding. Scripts are shared with VCS.

Thunderbird 45.2.0, OS Debian Stretch

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