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Post Posted January 30th, 2017, 6:00 am

Is there anybody who is interested in earning a little money helping me to make my Firefox Addons e10s compatible? They also works in other Mozilla apps, and (just a) part of it inserts login data (quickpasswords) and simulated keystrokes (Zombie keys) into the content area. But not exclusively. So ideally I would leave the business logic where it is (XUL / XPCOM) and use messages to transmit the data into the content (plus a very small content script for accepting / inserting them).

Also, did I explain the Multiprocess reasons and workarounds this right in my version notes?

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Are you planning to transition to WebExtensions? If so, that will ensure (enforce!) multiprocess compatibility. If not, your addon is likely to break permanently in a few months.

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