Manually add Addon icon to toolabr? Mine keeps disapearing?

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Post Posted May 25th, 2017, 6:47 am

This origonally seemed to just be for the session manager addon but now it is affecting other addons as well and its driving me crazy. This is for FF 52 before I forget.

I installed SM and sometimes it shows up in the bar and other times it doesn't, there *seems* to be a higher sucess if I install an older version. It does install, and is working because my sessions are being saved but I can only access it bygoing to addons and then preferences.

This wasn't happening to any of the other addons, but now it seems to be happening? I have tried restarting and only installing sm and using classic theme restorer etc but nothing seems to be working. I tried looking around about a way to manually add the button back but can't find anything. Session manager is pretty essential for me so I'd love to get this working! Any thoughts welcome (please!)

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