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I want to fix addon Internote which currently works 54 but doesn't work on Firefox Nightly 55/56, and I also want to improve Page Memo which is a very rudimentary version of Internote.

With Internote I want to make it work in FF 55/56, ie get the notes and the management interface to show in the UI, and I also want to fix some bugs in the code which gets notes to display on the pages which match the related URLs.

Page Memo's pages only show on the actual URL it was created when in fact I want it to display on a domain or regex matching URLs. So for instance a Page Memo will display on the basic Google page but if a search is made which changes the URL the page vanishes.

Page Memo is quite simple and its available on github - What I want to understand is the code which tracks whether the current web page matches the URL linked to a note and gets the note to show, and adapt that to code for a more complex combination of URLs.

Internote appears much more complicated and is based on pre Web Extension code that Mozilla is phasing out. The last update was in 2013. The code can be viewed with an addon like CRX Viewer. Even if the UI can't be made to work in the latest Firefox 55/56 at least the URL matching code can be fixed to make it work properly in Firefox 54 and earlier. The project page is with the standard sourceforge page at and the

I have practically no knowledge about addons and I would like some help in zooming in on the particular areas of code and the relevant APIs which are needed for these basic UI fixes.

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