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Ps: the author of youtube+ has an ego & won't give me the part that does
what i need, so i'll explain the situation:

without the script youtube+:

with the script installed, fixed:

Install for ex this version of youtube+ script,
along with snaplinksplus addon & you'll see that only the video link is selected
& not crap links below, & now tabs can be cleanly opened in new tabs. ... ion=112074

What i need: the part of the script that does that, allows
only the video link to be opened, by not making these stupid parts
clickable, for ex:
"7 months ago875,563 views
Lyrics: Ex, Ex (repeat 4x) Saturday night and the streets are filling up
Saturday night and my mates are calling up Wondering ...

Only these parts should be clickable & if possible, the first part only:
James TW - Ex (Official Video)

That part of the youtube+ script prevents snaplinksplus to fail to open
all selected links..

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