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I decide to signal a little bug of S3 UI (chrome context).

For this I uses the S3 "connect" and gone to

From this point I could not register successfully
, I get always : "you must give password" (may be the interaction with some dictionary and /or popup tips can inactivate the password without clearing the content. I tried ten time without success.

Secondarily I give here the UI bug found :

When you use S3 with some forum as the WordPress support or here mozillazine and you select the content of a post (during redaction), you can select the current text to check it (using pointer or CTRL A). But when in S3 you select the option "from selected text" this unselects the text... so there is no S3 display. You need to repeat the operation and then the S3 activation for this same tab (second use) will not unselect the selected text.

note : My workaround (so that not to have to say to me "again") is not to repeat as described but "copy to clipboard the selected text before calling S3" and use the from clipboard option.

Best regards

Note : Suggestions

a new function could be implemented in the future : when you have changed the content by using S3 editing (and dynamically get the new enhanced text translation, you could at the end use a new function "replace the selected text by the S3.editor content". Currrently I uses :
  • CTRL A :select current content of S3.editor
  • CTRL C : copy content of S3.editor
  • Close S3 panel
  • Select by CTRL A text of the current text area which has been enhanced
  • Copy the newly enhanced translation S3 to the forum textarea using CTRL C
This is five operations that I have to repeat.

Note that another case is to replace the selected text by the content of the translation panel.
Note that to replace a part of a text can be difficult but the whole content of a text area is quite immediate.

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