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I thought I would give Multizilla a try. I'm using a nightly build for testing purposes. This build is Win32 2002110610. I went to the Multizilla page and followed the instructions very carefully. After downloading, I closed Mozilla and rebooted my system. As of to date, I still can't find any evidence that I ever installed Multizilla into my nightly build.

This is my question - Is there something that I should know that I don't? Am I looking in all the wrong places for evidence? Something to note: I am using a theme other than 'modern' or 'classic'.


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Try checking your mozilla/install.log file and see if there's any evidence of failure or success in that.



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Does anyone have any idea where the install.log file is on mac os x? I have also tried to download multizilla and it gives me script errors but I can't tell what they are since I don't see this file anywhere. I am a new mac user (the switch campaign got me to buy one and give it a try!). Thanks...


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