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Post Posted November 11th, 2002, 3:13 pm

In Calendar, when an event is Pasted, the start and end times should be
*preserved* from the copied entry being pasted. Instead, the Start time is
set to the current time, and the end time is set to one hour later than the
current time. Furthermore, if this is done between after 11pm, the end date
is set to the next day.

Some comments:
- What is the intended behavior? Is there a spec that can be consulted?

- In case it is not clear that the current behavior makes no sense, just
ask the question: if I move or copy an event from one day to another,
is it more likely that it starts the same time as it did before, or
that it starts right now? I think the answer is clear.
In fact, the vast bulk of the time that I paste an entry, fixing the
time is the only adjustment that needs to be made.

- At first I thought that this was an artifact of the fact that the
start date and time are in fact contained in one field , DTSTART,
in the database, so somehow, treating it all together was a great
simplification in the code. But then I realized that this was not
likely the case, since the DTSTART field is already being assembled:
the date part from the paste-target, the time part from the time-of-day.

- There already is a report in Bugzilla, 166339 "copy to new event does
not update DTSTAMP" . It is possible that this is a related issue,
but I don't think it is very close.

- In summary, I believe that the DTSTART and DTEND fields of a pasted
event entry should be assembled from:
date-part: the date of the *paste-target* day.
time-part: from the corresponding time part of the *copied* entry.


- Is this fixed in the latest version?
- Is this problem already noted?
- Should I post in Bugzilla?

I am running:
- winME
- Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Win 9x 4.90; en-US; rv:1.2b) Gecko/20021016
- Mozilla Calendar 2002102515-cal


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