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Post Posted April 7th, 2011, 2:01 pm

jondemassey wrote:Wow Nadark, that's what I was looking4 .....I think.

The dropdown I would have2 activate every time I want a sidebar, which couldB every 30-60 seconds, aaaargh!

the bookmark/history sidebar. Just drag it anywhere you want.

Now let me get this right.... if I drag it to the left as it is in 3.6, how long would it stay there?

Would I have2 re-drag it every time I opened FF (not such a problem)?

Cheers, JonDe

Um... no. Any customizations you do will persist to the next session. If your customization does NOT persist then you have either a profile corruption or one of the extensions you are using is being bad. There are two different buttons which in Mozilla's *Infinite Wisdom* they have given the same icon and name. There is the old Bookmarks Sidebar button just as always, and the new Bookmarks Menu button which has a dropmarker. Just remove the Bookmarks Menu button and replace with the Bookmarks Sidebar button and all should be well.
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