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Post Posted December 30th, 2002, 2:21 pm

A milestone is nothing more than a nightly with all the bugs targeted for a special date being fixed. So, if you create a new profile when installing a milestone, there is no reason not doing it when you install a new nightly.


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Post Posted December 30th, 2002, 2:55 pm

Disreali wrote:I've only had to delete my profile when going to a new milestone release. I always keep my profile when using a new nighty build. But that is jus me. If you want to reset all the preference each time you install a new nightly, that is up to you.

the problem with not deleting the profile directory is that bugs from old versions/nightlies carry into the new ones. you don't have to delete the old profile. nobody is making you. :) but if you have any bugs or any problems, people are going to ask you right off the bat if you're using an old profile, because so many bugs get carried over.

i guess if you don't care about reporting bugs, go ahead and use old profiles. it definately saves you some time. however, if you want phoenix to work like it's supposed to, you might think the time is worth it. :) people have their own preferences. neither is bad.

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