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Previous Nightly Builds thread 20121006 | A couple of notes about the Nightly thread. | Nightly Build thread RSS feed (courtesy DaCypher)

The Official Win32 20121007 NIGHTLY build is out. Changeset: ecd4c4304219
The Official Win32 20121007 AURORA build is out. Changeset: 1f8ee63679ea
.The Official Firefox 16 BETA 7 build 1 builds are not yet out Changeset: a26a5447eaf9

Previous NIGHTLY 20121006 (FF18.0a1)
Previous AURORA 20121006 (FF17.0a2)
Previous BETA 20121002 (FF16.0b6)

Hourly NIGHTLY builds: mozilla-central-linux | mozilla-central-macosx | mozilla-central-win32 | Firefox Tinderbox | NIGHTLY Changelog
Hourly NIGHTLY archive for Windows, Mac and Linux (not the final format yet)
AURORA Tinderbox | AURORA changelog

Last update: 2012-10-07 -- 00:00 PDT = 07:00 UTC

  1. #729522 [Firefox:General]-Implement WebRTC navigator.getUserMedia() user interface [All]
  2. #731974 [Core:XPCOM]-requestAnimationFrame generates too short/long frames, especially at the beginning of animation [Lin]
  3. #761695 [Core:XPConnect]-Implement per-origin expando sharing for Proxies and new dom bindings [All]
  4. #766616 [Firefox:SocialAPI]-proper ui on transport failures [All]
  5. #772319 [Firefox:Menus]-No option to disable the "Close other tabs" prompt [All]
  6. #784382 [Core:Graphics: Text]-Mixed subpixel and grayscale AA on windows 8 [Win]
  7. #784765 [Core:JavaScript Engine]-IonMonkey: Inline actual string compare [Lin]
  8. #786086 [Core:Networking: Cache]-preferences ui displays wrong value for max cache size [All]
  9. #790184 [Core:Networking: HTTP]-[SPDY] Firefox V15 & 15.0.1 fails with attachment upload on gmail with squid proxy [Lin]
  10. #790265 [Core:Plug-ins]-Click-to-play is broken on various websites like or [Win]
  11. #791769 [Core:Networking: Domain Lists]-Update PSL for .ve [All]
  12. #792582 [Firefox:PDF Viewer]-Make nsBaseChannel inherit from nsIPrivateBrowsingChannel for PDFStreamConverter usage [Lin]
  13. #793484 [Core:SVG]-Optimise simple gradients [All]
  14. #793672 [Firefox:Developer Tools: Debugger]-Allow a RDP client to get events from the remote server [All]
  15. #794214 [Core:JavaScript Engine]-Intermittent rooting analysis failure in CheckNewScriptProperties [All]
  16. #795654 [Firefox:Installer]-Add artwork and text positioning around artwork for nightly and aurora stub installer [Win]
  17. #796218 [Firefox:SocialAPI]-make sure social docshells are marked as "inactive" by default [All]
  18. #796410 [Core:XPConnect]-"Assertion failure: !defined || enabled (We defined a constructor but the new bindings are disabled?)" [Mac]
  19. #796523 [Core:JavaScript Engine]-Periodically expire JS timezone cache [All]
  20. #797123 [Core:JavaScript Engine]-Fix JS_ALWAYS_TRUE(fallible ToNumber) in jstypedarray.cpp [All]
  21. #797128 [Core:JavaScript Engine]-Justify SkipRoots in jstypedarray.cpp's copyFromArray() [All]
  22. #797157 [Firefox:Installer]-Trying to pave-over install with the stub installer with nightly already running - warning comes up that nightly is already running, but installer closes and leaves behind "to_be_deleted" folder in C:\Program Files\Nightly [Win]
  23. #797217 [Core:JavaScript Engine]-Eliminate zeroPointer [All]
  24. #797551 [Core:JavaScript Engine]-IonMonkey: Use callWithABI() for Math.random() [All]
  25. #797700 [Firefox:SocialAPI]-Restrict the height/width of the ambient notification icons to 16x16 [All]
  26. #797720 [Core:JavaScript Engine]-IonMonkey: MonitorTypes is redundant if there's a type barrier [All]
  27. #797787 [Core:Networking: Domain Lists]-Update CentralNic submission date in PSL [All]
  28. #797796 [Core:WebRTC]-getUserMedia backend needs to pass all necessary data to the UI [All]
  29. #797825 [Core:JavaScript Engine]-IonMonkey: Inline Array.prototype.concat [All]
  30. #797889 [Core:DOM: IndexedDB]-[IPC] Ensure that we don't send messages to the child process after it has begun to shut down. [All]
  31. #797940 [Core:DOM]-Don't use a static nsRefPtr for sScriptCacheCleaner [All]
  32. #798011
  33. #798197 [Firefox:SocialAPI]-Ambient notification toolbar buttons are distorted in small icons mode on Windows [Win]
  34. #798205 [Core:Disability Access APIs]-move ia2 files under ia2 directory [All]
  35. #798310 [Core:Disability Access APIs]-Include Accessible-inl.h in nsMaiInterfaceTable.cpp [Lin]
  36. #798346 [Core:DOM]-nsContentUtils::PreserveWrapper should explicitly QI its argument to the CC ISupports [All]
  37. #798423 [Core:Networking: HTTP]-spdy enable reading of ping reply [Lin]
  38. #798426 [Core:Networking: HTTP]-spdy/3 handlegoaway payload length wrong [Lin]
  39. #798431 [Core:ImageLib]-Remove useless prtypes include in media/libjpeg/jmorecfg.h [All]
  40. #798437 [Firefox:SocialAPI]-aboutSocialError.xhtml doesn't include Social.jsm with the right url [All]
  41. #798477 [Firefox:Installer]-Add fallback page for the official stub installer [Win]
  42. #798544 [Firefox:Installer]-Prevent using the beta url override when official branding is not used [Win]
  43. #798589
  44. #798758 [Core:GFX: Color Management]-crash in qcms_transform_data_rgb_out_lut_precache [Win]
  45. #798819
  1. #727370 [Firefox:Phishing Protection]-Bad(?) files in safebrowsing folder in user profile prevent loading any site after installing update [Win]
  2. #787274 [Firefox:Theme]-Secure connection text overflows location bar [All]
  3. #793781 [Core:JavaScript Engine]-In-product MooTools 1.2.x fix [All]

Partial Landings/WIPs/Incoming:
  1. #720997 BACK OUT [Mozilla Services:Firefox Sync: Backend]-add sync prefs prefix to about:support whitelist [All]
  2. #795674 [Core:Layout]-Fix DisplayItemData storage in FrameLayerBuilder [Mac]
  3. #797131 [Core:JavaScript Engine]-IonMonkey: Optimize calls from C++ to Ion-compiled functions [All]

  4. #779611 [Core:Canvas: WebGL]-Paris bindings for the remaining WebGL interfaces [All]
  5. #786126 [Core:JavaScript Engine]-IonMonkey: Significant regression in dromaeo_dom [All]
  6. #792581 [Core:XPCOM]-Remove LL_MUL, LL_Zero() and similar 64-bit helpers [All]

Regressions/Annoying/Common bugs:
  1. #787743 [Core:Networking: HTTP]-Private Browsing mode not working in Firefox 15.0 [All]

Nightly 18.0a1 fixes since 20110322 (mozilla 2.2) = ~10015
Aurora 17.0a2 fixes since 20110322 (mozilla 2.2) = ~9216
Beta 16.0b fixes since 20110322 (mozilla 2.2) = ~8308

Release tracking Firefox 16-19 see HERE
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Hmm... some youtube vids aren't loading, it looks like flash crashes but there's no message that it's crashed or anything really, just a black box. It appears the layout issues I was experiencing is finally fixed though =)

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Post Posted October 6th, 2012, 12:43 pm

Groovy Gregor
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Post Posted October 6th, 2012, 1:45 pm


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KWierso was pointing out that mozillaZine is not run by or a part of Mozilla as Lotusgg may have thought.


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Is it a known issue? FF18 fails to display embedded Youtube videos in large size: ... one-w.html

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Dingler wrote:Is it a known issue? FF18 fails to display embedded Youtube videos in large size: ... one-w.html

yep.. its the week-end in Australia and all the DLBI/Layout guru's are enjoying spring I would guess.


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KWierso wrote:

We can't fix it:

Just download a new build. The issue is that a recent fix ran into a bug in the Windows C compiler doing Profile Guided Optimization on the 64-bit platform. SO, PGO has been temporarily disabled on win-64 builds until this is sorted out. But to get a working build you need to download a new win-64 nightly to fix the it crashes on startup issue, or go back to a version from before the issue and they update to latest.

EDIT: Unless this is a different metro only issue that i cannot test.


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Okay, thanks for the bug link.

Another issue with just the latest nightly: ... ing_points
FF18 fails to load immediately the graph. Can you confirm?

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Dingler wrote:Okay, thanks for the bug link.

Another issue with just the latest nightly: ... ing_points
FF18 fails to load immediately the graph. Can you confirm?

seems to be fine with 1005 NIGHTLY.
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Dingler wrote:Okay, thanks for the bug link.

Another issue with just the latest nightly: ... ing_points
FF18 fails to load immediately the graph. Can you confirm?

Confirmed, and filed [*]#798834 [Core:JavaScript Engine]-Error: RangeError: invalid array length [Win]

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Respin is out.

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What was the reason for respin?
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Anyone having any 'weirdness' at with the latest hourly? I keep getting popups about Facebook and even some graphical glitches.
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