Official 0.7 RELEASE CANDIDATES for Windows and Linux

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I installed Flash 7 with WIN32 (XP SP1) with no problems - no high CPU.


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In layman's terms what's the difference between official and unofficial release candidates?

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jodef wrote:In layman's terms what's the difference between official and unofficial release candidates?

The difference is that official ones are built by and unofficial ones aren't.

Exactly what the differences are depends on the build options used by the "unofficial" folks making builds. If an "unofficial" build uses the same compiler and same options as the build, then there won't be any practical difference.


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AGSHender wrote:Solution: don't install Flash.

I suffered this faux-solution until I opened IE one too many times to watch the rare Flash animation I do want to view. After that, I went through quite a bit of trouble with installing Flash 6 on FB 0.6.1+ until I saw that I had to create a new FB profile. Then I installed the Click to View Flash (?) extension so I won't see any Flash animation unless I want to.

I have now removed the Flash plugin from IE.
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R@F wrote:
sensemann wrote:go to Tools - Options.. - Advanced, and try to expand the validation and certificate options. you will see that the first time you try it you'll have to click twice to open it, afterwards it works just fine...

Confirmed. I have seen this on recent nightlies as well. W2K.

yup, me too. I think I've even seen this with Thunderbird if i remember correctly.


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Post Posted September 28th, 2003, 6:12 am

bengoodger wrote:Testing ASAP is appreciated.

Works fine for me! Perhaps we could get more people to test if there were a MozilaZine article written as there there was for the two Mozilla Release Candidates. You kind of need to know where to look to find this.

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yusufg wrote:I've been using nightlies for a while so I've always seen Fonts/Colors in Options->General. In the 0.7 RC, this is in Options->Web Features

Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.1; en-US; rv:1.5) Gecko/20030925 Firebird/0.7

If you really want to return Fonts/Colors to Options /General you can do the following:

Rename the Chrome directory in FB to something else and copy the Chrome directory from one of the recent nightlies. To change the version number in Help/About you can drill down into Firebird\chrome\en-US.jar\locale\en-US\global\brand.dtd and change it to your liking.


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It has been brought up before but deserves mentioning again: The Fonts & Colors button should be moved to General, as it is placed in the latest nightlies. Please don't force me to change the <a href="">options window reference</a> again!


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Some people are so selfish. :-)


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hao2lian wrote:Some people are so selfish. :-)

No, no, no. David speaks for every translator! And me!

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works fine

just a minor issue: the Google Icon in the search box sometimes switches back to the "Find in this page" Icon, but it still searches with Google

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if lynchknot could get his quicksilver theme working with .7, I'd be in hog heaven.


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Hellmark wrote:I'd be in hog heaven.

Last I heard, humans were frowned upon in hog heaven.

My opinion on Fonts and Colors is put them wherever you want. I never touch them and doubt that many others do. However, now that I've mentioned it, I'm certain the minority will surface. :wink:
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Some people are so SHELLFISH...

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