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The Official Win32 20150226 NIGHTLY build is out
The Official Win32 20150226 AURORA build is out
.The Official Firefox 37 Beta 2 builds are not yet out

Previous NIGHTLY: 20150225 (Fx39.0a1)
Previous AURORA: 20150225 (Fx38.0a2)
Previous BETA: 20150224 (Fx37.0b1)

Hourly NIGHTLY builds: mozilla-central-linux | mozilla-central-macosx | mozilla-central-win32 | Firefox Tinderbox | NIGHTLY Changelog
AURORA Tinderbox | AURORA changelog

    NIGHTLY +103
  1. #1136397
  2. #1133909
  3. #1134759 [Add-on SDK:General]-Uplift the Add-on SDK to Firefox [All][]
  4. #1130616 [Core:Canvas: WebGL]-Support EXT_color_buffer_half_float on ANGLE [All][]
  5. #1136382 [Core:DOM: Content Processes]-Mark TabChild's message manager for CC [Lin][]
  6. #1136322 [Core:DOM: Content Processes]-Optimize anon scopes from CC graph [Lin][]
  7. #1135413 [Core:DOM: Core & HTML]-Use one bit per bool member to save a few bytes in nsRange objects. [All][[MEMSHRINK]]
  8. #1127429 [Core:DOM: Core & HTML]-XHR can set BYPASS_LOCAL_CACHE_IF_BUSY all the time [Lin][]
  9. #853162 [Core:DOM]-Remove XMLHttpRequest sendAsBinary [All][[good first bug]]
  10. #1136486 [Core:DOM]-Get rid of NotifyBeforeSVGGlyphPainted and NotifyAfterSVGGlyphPainted [All][]
  11. #1073379 [Core:DOM]-Make AnimationPlayer.startTime writeable [All][]
  12. #1136357 [Core:DOM]-Make Promise skippable [Lin][]
  13. #1135803 [Core:DOM]-Remove some worker special-casing that's no longer relevant in codegen [Mac][]
  14. #1123920 [Core:DOM]-Resource Timing domainLookupEnd and requestStart out-of-order [Mac][]
  15. #1136467 [Core:DOM]-ServiceWorker: client.postMessage should be dispatched to navigator.serviceWorker.onmessage [Mac][]
  16. #1135792 [Core:DOM]-Stop assuming that globals with non-worker descriptors are Window [Mac][]
  17. #1136241 [Core:Disability Access APIs]-[AccessFu] Make sure hints are localizeable. [All][]
  18. #1135908 [Core:Disability Access APIs]-[E10s] Proxy for Character/SelectionCount() [Lin][]
  19. #1136388 [Core:Document Navigation]-Change nsIDocumentLoaderFactory and nsIURIContentListener to take MIME types as an XPCOM string, not a char* [Mac][]
  20. #1135883 [Core:Graphics: Layers]-Implement GetMaxTextureSize in the basic compositor [All][]
  21. #1134762 [Core:Graphics: Layers]-Tiling 'UseFastPath' taken with low precision displayport causing OOM [All][]
  22. #1136389 [Core:Graphics: Layers]-qcms num in/out channels mismatch [Mac][]
  23. #1135677 [Core:Graphics]-BaseRect::Intersect returns incorrect result in the face of overflow [All][]
  24. #1134293 [Core:Graphics]-Changing background color makes text semi transparent. [Win][]
  25. #1136487 [Core:Graphics]-Crash after device reset when an unshown window is opened [Win][]
  26. #826741 [Core:JavaScript Engine: JIT]-IonMonkey: Enable backtracking allocator by default [All][]
  27. #1131955 [Core:JavaScript Engine: JIT]-Add collectRangeInfoPreTrunc to boundscheck [Lin][]
  28. #1136337 [Core:JavaScript Engine: JIT]-Set aliasset for MCheckOverRecursed [Lin][]
  29. #1129510 [Core:JavaScript Engine: JIT]-Trace references to JS heap from Profiler buffers [Win][]
  30. #1134970 [Core:JavaScript Engine]-Add friend API to allow quickly copying properties from one native object to another as long as they have the same class and parent [Mac][]
  31. #1101903 [Core:JavaScript Engine]-Allow parsing and emitting strict mode code in smaller than script-sized units [Lin][]
  32. #1135718 [Core:JavaScript Engine]-Crash [@ lookup] or Crash [@ js::jit::DoSetPropFallback] or Assertion failure: addendumKind() == Addendum_UnboxedLayout, at vm/ObjectGroup.h:293 with --unboxed-objects [Lin][[jsbugmon:update,bisect]]
  33. #1135723 [Core:JavaScript Engine]-Crash [@ setDefinite] or Assertion failure: def->type() == definiteType, at jit/IonBuilder.cpp:7115 with --unboxed-objects [Lin][[jsbugmon:update,bisect]]
  34. #1134968 [Core:JavaScript Engine]-JS_NewObjectWithGivenProto will happily create null-parent objects if you pass in a null proto [Mac][]
  35. #1136584 [Core:JavaScript Engine]-Jit does not run at all for evalInWorker scripts in the JS shell [Lin][]
  36. #1071880 [Core:JavaScript Engine]-Notify user of addons that are slowing their browser down significantly [Lin][]
  37. #1136193 [Core:JavaScript Engine]-OSObject methods don't check return values correctly [All][]
  38. #1124362 [Core:JavaScript Engine]-Parser disallows methods with strict-reserved names. [Win][]
  39. #1066227 [Core:JavaScript Engine]-Parser support for ES6 ClassDefinitions [Lin][]
  40. #1066229 [Core:JavaScript Engine]-Runtime support for ES6 ClassDefinitions [Lin][]
  41. #1031152 [Core:JavaScript Engine]-SpiderMonkey needs a public API for working with SavedFrame instances [All][]
  42. #1133369 [Core:JavaScript Engine]-Use consistent allocation kinds for new objects after converting an unboxed group [Mac][]
  43. #1134969 [Core:JavaScript Engine]-js::DeepCloneObjectLiteral doesn't handle failure from setLastProperty [Mac][]
  44. #1135827 [Core:JavaScript Engine]-js::SavedStacks::insertFrames roots more than necessary [All][]
  45. #1135560 [Core:JavaScript: Standard Library]-Number.{parseInt, parseFloat} should be the same functions as global ones [All][]
  46. #1135429 [Core:JavaScript: Standard Library]-Object.create shouldn't throw when its second argument is a primitive value [All][]
  47. #961887 [Core:Layout]-Make FindOpaqueBackgroundColorFor search parent layers for a background color [All][]
  48. #1134531 [Core:Layout]-"ASSERTION: the current textrun doesn't match the style" setting text-transform: capitalize [All][]
  49. #1102896 [Core:Layout]-Rendering-issues in Customization-panel with Direct2D 1.1 [Win][]
  50. #1133739 [Core:Networking: Cache]-HTTP cache v2: Add telemetry probes to find out the best initial read size of the metadata [All][]
  51. #1087646 [Core:Networking: Cookies]-e10s crash when setting cookies in a document that has null principals [Lin][]
  52. #1134993 [Core:Networking: Domain Lists]-Include *.su geographic domains in public suffix list [All][]
  53. #237623 [Core:Networking: HTTP]-download manager sometimes thinks that incomplete downloads are complete; cannot resume/retry [All][[please read and respect Comment 107] [lame-network]]
  54. #1132572 [Core:Networking: HTTP]-TSan: multiple data races under netwerk/base/nsLoadGroup.cpp:926 TelemetryReportChannel [Lin][[tsan]]
  55. #967792 [Core:Networking]-Firefox unable to connect to WebSocket on localhost [Mac][]
  56. #1136379 [Core:Plug-ins]-Clean up the PluginHost API [Mac][]
  57. #1136407 [Core:Security: Process Sandboxing]-Tighter sandboxing rules are breaking mochitests on OS X 10.9 and 10.10 [Mac][]
  58. #1136576 [Core:Video/Audio]-All data could potentially be incorrectly evicted [Mac][]
  59. #1135532 [Core:Video/Audio]-Evicting data can leave data in unplayable state, leading to stalls. [Mac][]
  60. #1135942 [Core:Video/Audio]-libsoundtouch doesn't use SSE on win32 [Win][]
  61. #1118622 [Core:Web Audio]-[Web Audio API] data from analyser getByteTimeDomainData is always full-scaled [Win][]
  62. #1130175 [Core:WebRTC]-build with musl libc: media/mtransport/third_party/nICEr/src/stun/addrs.c: sys/sysctl.h: No such file or directory [Oth][]
  63. #1135912 [Core:Widget: Cocoa]-Hovering the titlebar causes invalidation [Mac][]
  64. #1124408 [Core:Widget: Cocoa]-[e10s] Crash in [ChildView keyDown:] when using password manager [Mac][]
  65. #1135773 [Core:XPCOM]-The cycle collector should not depend on QI nulling out the return value in case of failure [All][]
  66. #1135772 [Core:XPConnect]-Null out the return value on error in QI in nsXPCWrappedJS [All][]
  67. #1120362 [Firefox Health Report:Client: Desktop]-Break up Telemetry sessions in regular intervals [All][[ready]]
  68. #1120363 [Firefox Health Report:Client: Desktop]-Break up Telemetry sessions on environment changes [All][[ready]]
  69. #1122047 [Firefox Health Report:Client: Desktop]-Sketch out Telemetry environment module [All][[ready]]
  70. #1122052 [Firefox Health Report:Client: Desktop]-Telemetry Environment: add data per environment spec [All][[ready]]
  71. #1122048 [Firefox Health Report:Client: Desktop]-Telemetry Environment: generic pref collection and change detection [All][[ready]]
  72. #1136071 [Firefox Health Report:Client: Desktop]-TelemetryPing/TelemetrySession need to return a promise when the initialisation is already in progress. [All][[ready]]
  73. #1136731 [Firefox Health Report:Client: Desktop]-test_invalidSessionData fails due to fragile subsessionId/previousSubsessionId resets [All][[ready]]
  74. #1135403 [Firefox:Developer Tools: Canvas Debugger]-Ensure canvas debugger works when rAF/setTimeout exist, but no canvas or canvas animation [Mac][]
  75. #1134876 [Firefox:Developer Tools: Canvas Debugger]-functionCalls is null when clicking on a recording that could not load/loading [Mac][]
  76. #1128027 [Firefox:Developer Tools: Framework]-Clean up pending protocol.js requests if connection aborts [All][]
  77. #858038 [Firefox:Developer Tools: Inspector]-Allow drag and drop reordering of elements in markup view [All][]
  78. #1132764 [Firefox:Developer Tools: Memory]-Memory actor should be able to set allocations log length [Mac][]
  79. #1119023 [Firefox:Developer Tools: Profiler]-Timeline in new perf tool should filter out markers [Mac][]
  80. #1136450 [Firefox:Developer Tools: WebIDE]-Pre-packaging runs for all projects [All][]
  81. #1124326 [Firefox:Developer Tools: WebIDE]-Support Cordova projects in WebIDE [All][]
  82. #1113761 [Firefox:Developer Tools]-Devtools rounds sizes up way too aggressively (and not reflecting actual layout). e.g. rounding 100.01px up to 101px [Lin][[good first bug][lang=js]]
  83. #1136291 [Firefox:General]-new non-e10s windows have tabs shifted down [Mac][]
  84. #1135508 [Firefox:Preferences]-InContent Prefs - Don't allow text selection of categories [All][[lang=css][good first bug]]
  85. #340432 [Firefox:Preferences]-plugin allowed sites dialog needs cancel button (also cookies, popups, etc) [All][[good first bug]]
  86. #1135498 [Firefox:Session Restore]-Remove browser.__SS_restore_data as it is unused [All][]
  87. #1133136 [Firefox:Shumway]-Update Shumway to version 0.10.182 [All][]
  88. #897031 [Toolkit:Add-ons Manager]-NS_ERROR_XPC_GS_RETURNED_FAILURE at nsBlocklistService.js:70 followed by ReferenceError: gApp is not defined, on green Windows debug mochitest runs [Win][]
  89. #1127084 [Toolkit:General]-Remove __iterator__ from ContentPrefStore [All][]
  90. #1134885 [Toolkit:Phishing Protection]-ChunkSets should be fallible [All][]
  91. #1134891 [Toolkit:Printing]-Printing results in the progress dialog never going away and the print never happening [All][]
  92. #1134441 [Toolkit:Reader Mode]-Replace font size controls with +/- buttons [All][]
  93. #1135166 [Toolkit:Telemetry]-"Assertion failure: this->mRecursionLevel > 0" for TelemetryImpl::mHistogramMap [All][[ready]]
  94. #1134727 [Toolkit:Telemetry]-Add a URL parameter to the Telemetry Submission URL to indicate payload version [All][[ready]]
  95. #1135791 [Toolkit:Telemetry]-Add a new unified ping type: "saved-session" [All][[ready]]
  96. #1131544 [Toolkit:Telemetry]-Change TelemetrySession.jsm to conform to the latest main ping specification. [All][[ready]]
  97. #1127914 [Toolkit:Telemetry]-Duplicate telemetry histograms for double submission [All][[ready]]
  98. #1122061 [Toolkit:Telemetry]-Give TelemetryPing a common API for sending pings [All][[ready]]
  99. #1134272 [Toolkit:Telemetry]-Sending stored pings in the old ping format is broken. [All][[ready]]
  100. #1122050 [Toolkit:Telemetry]-Telemetry Environment: addon data collection & change detection [All][[ready]]
  101. #1134700 [Toolkit:Telemetry]-TelemetryEnvironment tries to collect addon data after AddonManager shutdown [All][[ready]]
  102. #1134268 [Toolkit:Telemetry]-TelemetrySession shutdown fails to save pending pings. [All][[ready]]
  103. #1135783 [Toolkit:Telemetry]-Unified pings should set ping.version to 4 [Win][[ready]]

Partial Landings/Diagnostic Patches:
  1. #1130195 [Core:Graphics]-crash in mozilla::gfx::DrawTargetD2D1::FinalizeDrawing(mozilla::gfx::CompositionOp, mozilla::gfx::Pattern const&) [Win][[gfx-noted]]
  2. #1135535 [Core:JavaScript Engine]-Fix MSVC compiler warnings in js/src and enable FAIL_ON_WARNINGS there [Win][]
  3. #1096089 [Core:Video/Audio]-Implement MSE coded frame removal algorithm [All][]
  4. #1135752 [Firefox:Developer Tools]-Add tracking link to Beta doorhanger [Mac][]
  5. #1135022 [Toolkit:Phishing Protection]-Optimize ChunkSet to efficiently store ranges [All][[lang=c++][good first bug]]
  6. #1136855 [Toolkit:Printing]-Print settings are not saved from print job to print job [All][]

    AURORA +2
  1. #1131758
  2. #1124400 [Firefox:Reading List]-[ReadingList] Add section to bookmarks popup for reading list items and actions [All][]

    BETA +2
  1. #1130707 [Core:ImageLib]-Make decode-on-draw-only image notifications more robust [All][]
  2. #1132796 [Core:Video/Audio]-Eviction code only ever remove all data. [Mac][]

Nightly 39.0 fixes since 20150223 (Gecko 38) ~191
Aurora 38.0 fixes since 20141128 (Gecko 37) ~2047
Beta 37.0 fixes since 20141014 (Gecko 36) ~1978

Release tracking Firefox 37-39 see HERE
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From last thread:

Can anyone confirm this bug on Android?

"1. point Fennec to
2. start scrolling up and down the page at various speeds - before it gets very far it just judders then goes back to being smooth."

It's one of the few sites which do it for me.
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Post Posted February 25th, 2015, 9:23 am

Is there a zip version of 37.0b1 somewhere?

Thanks. ... n32/en-US/

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Post Posted February 25th, 2015, 9:59 am

The addon-slow-warning patch has re-landed and is coming again with tomorrows Nightly. Still using the same old back-end, but with some bugs fixed and an increased limit of 5% == 6 seconds (per 120s period).

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Post Posted February 25th, 2015, 2:36 pm

Firefox failed to upgrade to today's nightly as it did yesterday. I had to manually update. Is it happening to anyone else?

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Post Posted February 25th, 2015, 3:16 pm

Lot's of "Temporary Error 14" in Y!Mail for others or is it just me?


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Gavin77 wrote:JoeG
Is there a zip version of 37.0b1 somewhere?

Thanks. ... n32/en-US/

Also note that if you have WinRAR installed, you can extract the .exe setup file. The contents of the "core" folder are the contents of the standard zip file.
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I don't see newly fixed MSE bugs being uplifted to beta or any other channel from central. So how long did they push it back?

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avada wrote:I don't see newly fixed MSE bugs being uplifted to beta or any other channel from central. So how long did they push it back?

They landed a lot of fixes on Aurora right before the merge to Beta, so I think Firefox 37 is the target (check the 20150221-20150223 builds thread).


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Virtualfox persona

Are you ready for deprecation of XUL & XBL & XPCOM extensions? Not?! Try Firefox ESR

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