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Post Posted April 20th, 2017, 7:56 am

Lurtz wrote:
Arch5 wrote:there is no more AURORA CHANNEL . Aurora was merged to the Beta channel so you'll get the fix's there

this Thread could possibly be Closed now IMO

What are these builds then? ... la-aurora/

54.0a2 with timestamp from today. Are these already basically beta builds?

They are automation builds, not delivered as updates or new installs. Expect some release engineer to turn off the task at some point that makes them.

Currently available is candidate build1 but it has yet to be tested by QA. Just have to wait a while.

Last entry updating source for aurora is 18th ... lla-aurora

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Based on the recent "dawn"-related tasks and discussion in Bugzilla, it sounds to me that we Aurora users have been left in limbo for a while. Mozilla first decided to remove Aurora from the development train, which would have been rather straightforward, as Aurora users would have been just combined into beta population.

(The negative aspect of the change is possibly the slow fixing of new bugs after the version bump / merge, but that could have been handled by shortening the interval between the first 2-3 beta builds after the merge.)

But now they have got second thoughts and Aurora users = Developer Edition users will be kept in a separate pool inside beta channel and will retain some DevEdition branding, preferences etc. and will have separate binaries. ... 353825#c30

That looks like an own goal. Now they have to design & add quite much new functionality to the beta process. It sounds like there will be beta and Aurora side-on-side, and Aurora is called devedition-beta.

My guess is that Aurora users will be stuck with the last 54.0a2 build for a some time, before Mozilla gets the new specific update path ready. The main task for this change has a dozen of nested sub-tasks...

I doubt that they will be ready for b1 release, maybe for b3...

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Okay, so after moving to Nightly from Aurora keeping only key3.db, logins.json, places.sqlite I've noticed much slower program startup (I have 2 pinned tabs that aren't needed to be loaded instantly and about:newtab as homepage...) and seriously regressed scrolling performance... I also noticed sites with heavy content seems to be able to interacted with quicker but page loading takes longer to fully render the page. I'm not so sure it was a good idea moving to nightly and might have to settle for beta...

@HN_FIN, would would even be the difference though?

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Post Posted April 23rd, 2017, 11:32 pm

Nightly is unstable every now and then, as it has daily new features that may break some things. Aurora has been stable for 99% of the time (except maybe a few times after merge bump from nightly) and beta has been superstable (being Aurora of the previous cycle).

In the new setup beta will be like previous Aurora, but as there are no daily builds, the first few beta versions after the each merge bump may be sightly more unstable (as bug fixes can be delivered only weekly or so).

Personally I will be moving to beta.

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