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Previous Nightly Builds thread 20170508

The Official 20170509 NIGHTLY builds are out
The Official Firefox 54 Beta 6 builds are out

Previous NIGHTLY: 20170508 (Fx 55.0a1)
Previous BETA: 20170505 (Fx 54.0b5)

Tinderbox Builds
Release Notes: NIGHTLY | BETA
Changelogs: NIGHTLY | BETA

    NIGHTLY +41
  1. #1361098
  2. #1361756 [Core:Audio/Video: Playback]-Audio and video not working [Uns][]
  3. #1359815 [Core:Audio/Video: Playback]-Spinning loading UI is not used when resuming video element's video decoder takes longer than 250ms [Uns][]
  4. #1351339 [Core:CSS Parsing and Computation]-:hover not invalidated properly for display:contents [Uns][]
  5. #1361745 [Core:DOM]-Avoid a double hashtable lookup for insertions in nsControllerCommandGroup::AddCommandToGroup [Uns][]
  6. #1361747 [Core:DOM]-Avoid a double hashtable lookup for insertions in nsFrameMessageManager::AddMessageListener and nsFrameMessageManager::AddWeakMessageListener [Uns][]
  7. #1362119 [Core:DOM]-Moving ScriptLoader in dom/script and split the code in multiple files [Uns][]
  8. #1360971 [Core:DOM]-nsContentPolicy::CheckPolicy() is a bit malloc heavy [Uns][]
  9. #1362003 [Core:DOM]-nsGlobalWindow::GetLocation doesn't need to receive an ErrorResult param [Uns][]
  10. #1361975 [Core:DOM]-window.location is not nullable (but is null in Gecko when the browsing context is discarded) [Uns][]
  11. #1352799 [Core:Editor]-dynamic maxlength in input form didn't work [Uns][]
  12. #1360246 [Core:Graphics: WebRender]-Add strongly typed coordinate systems to gfx/layers/wr, part 2 [Uns][[gfx-noted]]
  13. #1360112 [Core:Graphics: WebRender]-Correct background image position [Uns][]
  14. #1362505 [Core:Graphics: WebRender]-Correctly set the transforms on all drawtargets [Uns][]
  15. #1357320 [Core:Graphics: WebRender]-Deal with the lifetime of animation data in CompositorAnimationStorage [Uns][[gfx-noted]]
  16. #1358437 [Core:Graphics: WebRender]-Enable WebRender OMTA by default [Uns][]
  17. #1361357 [Core:Graphics: WebRender]-Fix clip rect pushed in WebRenderDisplayItemLayer [Uns][[gfx-noted]]
  18. #1361356 [Core:Graphics: WebRender]-Fix untransform applied in BuildWrMaskLayer [Uns][[gfx-noted]]
  19. #1362221 [Core:Graphics: WebRender]-InlineTranslator should track DrawTargets [Uns][]
  20. #1360414 [Core:Graphics: WebRender]-Position gradients using FindFirstTile [Uns][[gfx-noted]]
  21. #1360449 [Core:Graphics: WebRender]-Remove duplicate WrManager functions [Uns][]
  22. #1351189 [Core:Graphics: WebRender]-Support DXGIYCbCrTextureHostD3D11 with Webrender [Uns][]
  23. #1360127 [Core:Graphics: WebRender]-Support SVG image for wr background image layer [Uns][]
  24. #1359744 [Core:Graphics: WebRender]-Update webrender to 8516d6c04235e684d9bf9c783ba4fc99dab3bf02 [Uns][[gfx-noted]]
  25. #1360435 [Core:Graphics: WebRender]-Update webrender to b9f7e2926731f0ed831108456c219cae30a7e4c8.. [Uns][]
  26. #1362925 [Core:Graphics: WebRender]-Update webrender_bindings for cbindgen:0.1.7 [Uns][[gfx-noted]]
  27. #1362324 [Core:Graphics: WebRender]-Use BlobImage for path type of bullet item. [Uns][]
  28. #1360001 [Core:Graphics: WebRender]-Use BlobImages for PaintedLayers [Uns][]
  29. #1361807 [Core:Graphics: WebRender]-about:home renders at 0,0 in the window instead of below the toolbar [Uns][[gfx-noted]]
  30. #633747 [Core:Networking: Cache]-about:cache displays "Expires: 1970-01-01 01:00:00" [All][[necko-active][good first bug]]
  31. #1362961 [Core:Networking: HTTP]-Crash in mozilla::net::nsHttpConnectionMgr::nsHalfOpenSocket::SetFastOpenStatus [Uns][[necko-active]]
  32. #1362821 [Core:Networking]-Networking stops occasionally [Win][[necko-active]]
  33. #1362398 [Firefox:Developer Tools: Debugger]-Update Debugger Frontend (5/5/2017) [Uns][]
  34. #1362416 [Firefox:Developer Tools: Debugger]-cannot set breakpoint in for loop without var declaration [Uns][]
  35. #1362207 [Firefox:Downloads Panel]-Remove the dropdown menu from the footer of the Downloads Panel [Uns][]
  36. #1281186 [Firefox:Downloads Panel]-Remove uses of nsIDownloadManager from DownloadsCommon.jsm, DownloadsViewUI.jsm, and allDownloadsViewOverlay.js [Uns][]
  37. #1363022 [Firefox:PDF Viewer]-Update pdf.js to version 1.8.331 [All][]
  38. #1355507 [Firefox:Theme]-Tab moving/reordering should use the photon animation curve [Uns][[photon-animation]]
  39. #1254558 [Toolkit:Downloads API]-Remove about:config preferences only used by the legacy nsIDownloadManager code [Uns][]
  40. #1360374 [Toolkit:Form Manager]-Apply the field prediction heuristics for the elements added after DOMContentLoaded [Uns][[form autofill:M3]]
  41. #1348791 [Toolkit:Password Manager]-Unable cancel Master Password dialog. And UI deadlock until you enter the correct master password [Win][[fxprivacy] [triage]]

    Partial Landings/Diagnostic Patches:

    Beta 5 -> Beta 6 Changelog +20
  1. #1324140
  2. #1342552
  3. #1349310
  4. #1355039
  5. #1348381 [Core:Audio/Video: Recording]-VP8TrackEncoder crash: [@mozilla::VP8TrackEncoder::PrepareRawFrame] [Uns][]
  6. #1353529 [Core:DOM]-Crash when using IntersectionObserver in XUL pages [Uns][]
  7. #1351084 [Core:DOM: Security]-Favicon of about:addons disappears if cache was deleted recently. [Uns][[domsecurity-active]]
  8. #1358926 [Core:Event Handling]-Location bar non-functional after closing dialog such as "Clear All History" and "Properties for bookmark" [Lin][]
  9. #1233556 [Core:General]-crashes in nahimicmsiosd.dll [Win][[gfx-noted]]
  10. #1360478 [Core:Graphics: Layers]-Fix crash when initializing APZ after compositor shutdown [Uns][]
  11. #1331915 [Core:Graphics: Text]-Add Telemetry for Graphite Library [Uns][]
  12. #1360892 [Core:Graphics: Text]-Make Telemetry for Graphite Opt-Out instead of Opt-In [Uns][]
  13. #1337950 [Core:Security: PSM]-Cannot enable FIPS in Firefox 53.0a2 [Win][[psm-assigned]]
  14. #1358958 [Core:Widget: Cocoa]-Mac FireFox requires typing Enter twice to line breaking when typing Hangul [Mac][tpi:+]
  15. #1343256 [Firefox:Bookmarks & History]-Bookmark keywords disappear from one bookmark when adding a keyword to another bookmark [All][[fxsearch]]
  16. #1357909 [Firefox:Developer Tools]-Devtools followup for bug 1349363 [Uns][]
  17. #1352777 [Firefox:Developer Tools: JSON Viewer]-Clicking on dropmarkers in JSON viewer doesn't collapse long string values [Uns][]
  18. #1361288 [Firefox:Security]-The Advanced button from the "Unable to Connect Securely" neterror page is not working [All][]
  19. #1359879 [Firefox:Sync]-sync fails in extension storage with "TypeError: record is null" [Uns][]
  20. #1358415 [Toolkit:WebExtensions: Frontend]-1.08ms uninterruptible reflow at get width@chrome://browser/content/ext-utils.js:528:5 [Uns][[ohnoreflow][qf][photon-performance]]

Nightly 55 fixes since 20170306 (Gecko 54) ~3145
Beta 54 fixes since 20170123 (Gecko 53) ~2529

# Firefox 53 Beta 7 Testday #
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@ agenthardtofind - In my case even with e10s disabled, Firefox redownloading and redrawing images after loading more images and instantly going to top.
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[*]#1363015 [Core:ImageLib]-Images are reloaded and redrawn when e10s is on and bypass cache and cause a huge jank and high CPU/Ram/Bandwidth usage [All]

I cannot reproduce. No problem with/without e10s.,These images are loading from cache.
(However, a lots of ads are continuously downloaded from the server.) ... 37bb64e3d9
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55.0a1 (2017-05-09) (32-bit) Nightly completely ruined my Firefox installations on 2 PCs. After the update everything is extremely slow. Seems hw acceleration is totally broken. The worst part of is, that I cannot fix it.

- Refresh Nightly -> does not work
- Install older Nightly -> does not work (Older Nightly build now show same problems)
- Disable hw-acceleration -> does not work
- Disable multiprocess -> does not work
- Uninstall all addons -> does not work

The only thing that works is starting Nightly in safe mode.

This happened on 2 different machines. What the heck is going on here and how can I fix this?

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