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WaltS48 wrote:Still don't understand what is so important about favicons. :roll:
All I care about is that the web site appears when I load it.
When you have many bookmarks, you can speed up your searching for specific bookmark, just simply by looking mostly on specific bookmark favicon.
I have for example, only bookmarks with favicons without any names in Bookmarks Toolbar, it's just simply to see more bookmarks there.

The Tinsmith wrote:
Virtual_ManPL wrote:I have over 80k, yes, over 80.000.
Wow! Really? That does sound somewhat extreme. But then I know people with emails going back years and most of those are old Linux friends with mailing list answers to problems whose software no longer exists. :-)
Yes, I have been gathering them starting from 1998 year, when I was starting having access to internet.
Now, I have about 20-25k bookmarks sorted in detail, others are unfortunately still unsorted and probably 99% of them still will be deleted, but I will sort them "SOON™".
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avada wrote:
mightyglydd wrote:@ESR= Extended Suffering Release ? thanks
Because it's imaginary security/insecurity what matters? I think not.

No, because it's a dead man walking.

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ESR's are only good for Business companies like RHEL etc


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ESR's are great for corporate environments where any release has to be properly tested sometimes with weeks of testing with internal web pages.

Pretty much what they are designed for.
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