Odd behavior with FF 55 beta - not fatal

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Post Posted June 24th, 2017, 7:38 am

Every since I installed FF 55 beta I have noticed two odd issues.

One, I have a pinned icon for FF on my toolbar. I put it up there several releases earlier and just left it. Whenever I upgraded I just deleted the desktop icon that was created and used the pinned icon. Now with FF 55 every time I update the icon on the toolbar is deleted and I have to right-click the desktop icon and pin it to the toolbar.

Two, when I open FF 55 it does not open maximized. The property / shortcut tab shows that it is to run as "normal windows". When I click the maximize button on the FF start screen FF expands to maximize. Normal behavior. However, when I change the property / shortcut tab option to "maximized" and open FF it opens to a maximized screen but the menu bar is positioned several pixels higher (almost unreadable) than if I open it as "normal windows" and then maximize. Not fatal behavior - just different than prior releases.

For all I know it is tied to some obscure update for Windows 10 (x64).

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